Relearning To Take Care of Your Physical Health After Addiction

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Relearn how to take care of yourself after addiction. Seem stupid? It's extremely important.

Even though you may not want to admit it, your physical health plummeted in addiction. Now sober, it’s time to relearn how to care for yourself after addiction.

One HUGE consequence of your addiction is poor physical health and for reasons that you might not expect.

If an addict has health issues due to substance abuse, you automatically assume something such as Hep C or HIV from sharing needles. Or abscesses from shooting up.

The major physical health issue for drug users, whether intravenous is used or not is often overlooked.

So what is it? What physical health issue do addicts have in common but REFUSE to admit?


Truth bomb, a person living with addiction also tends to struggle with what would be considered general proper health maintenance.

For example, they will skip health screening appointments, ignore non-addiction-related ailments, and generally neglect to manage their health effectively.

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If you lived with an addiction for an extended period of time, then the chances are that the combined effect of both the addiction’s side effects and the knock-on damage caused by overall health neglect have taken their toll.

However, while recovery itself seeks to address the addiction itself, there is relatively little support that can help to overcome everything else.

So I thought it would be useful to put together valuable tips and info for you. Knowing and implementing all of these things will allow you to enjoy the full benefits of sobriety and create your kick-ass sober life.

Your physical health suffers in addiction for reasons you are unaware of. Find out the steps you need to take care of yourself after addiction. #addictionrecovery #physicalhealth #afteraddiction #sober #soberlifestyle #soberliving

#1 – Schedule all the health check-ups and screenings you’ve missed

It’s not exactly a fun experience, but the best way to embrace post-recovery health issues is to tackle them head-on. Yes, this will probably give you a blitz of appointments. But it’s well worth it.

Professionals can identify any health issues you may be experiencing.

You need to schedule the following appts asap. I don’t think I need to explain why.

  • An eye test
  • A PAP smear, if relevant
  • Vaccinations/boosters
  • A dental exam

If any of the above tests identify any issues, you can then you need to take care of the problem immediately. Start with the most important issue.

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#2 – Examine your posture

I know but, as strange as it may sound, your posture is EXTREMELY important to your physical health.

Here is why and whether you believe it or not, all of the following things are true.

Good posture…

  • Actually aides in making people feel happier
  • Is known to significantly reduce stress
  • Obviously looks better, hunching over isn’t very attractive
  • Increases your energy levels

All of these things are undoubtedly beneficial as you embark on creating your kick-ass sober life.

Unfortunately, most people (not just people recovering from addiction) tend to have relatively poor posture. I’m sure posture isn’t something on your mind throughout the day. You know what I mean? 

The fact is that good posture needs to become a priority. Poor posture can lead to significant musculoskeletal issues in the future. It gets increasingly difficult to correct as you age and like it or not, you get older every single day.

Aren’t you glad I brought your age into this?

In all seriousness, if you are already experiencing pain and discomfort due to poor posture, visit chiropractic clinics such as Optimum Wellness Solutions for assistance relief. Then work on developing awareness of your posture and breaking bad habits. Things you don’t give much thought to such as looking at your phone for long periods of time can cause serious posture problems down the road.

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#3 –  Start an exercise plan

Yes, exercise is recommended for just about every health ailment there is, So you may be rolling your eyes at reading yet another insistence that exercise is crucial… but, well, exercise is crucial.

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While everyone understands the physical benefits of exercise. It’s worth noting that it is also incredibly powerful in maintaining a good mood and helping to manage stress. Both of which are crucial to former addicts. As well as every other person in the world. lol

If you’ve never exercised before or it’s been a long time since you’ve done a squat. Then maybe a personal trainer can help ease you into the process. While helping you build a workout plan that is just right for you.

If you don’t have the money for a personal trainer which many of us don’t. Including myself. Yes, I’ll admit it. Then here are two sites to get you started then are geared towards exercise and addiction recovery. You might wanna check them out.

Take Action

The steps and tips above will get you on track with your physical health.

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The thing is that you actually have to take action and do this stuff. What’s the point of setting these appointments if you aren’t going to follow through and actually show up.

Learning how you can take care of yourself after addiction will benefit your sober lifestyle in multiple ways.

Being able to manage your post-recovery health and general well-being as effectively as possible is just one part of a successful sober life.

Do your sober self a favor and read other posts on Unjunkiefied. It’s a guide showing you how to live your new, addiction-free life to the fullest. #soberbadassery


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