The Real Superhero – The Supermom in Recovery aka Sober Supermom

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A supermom in recovery?  Is that even possible?

Can a mother in recovery from drug addiction even be considered a supermom?

Of course. And until you walk a day in her shoes, don’t you dare question it. Being a mom is hard. And overcoming an addiction can feel damn near impossible to those who have been there.

Being both a mom and in recovery is definitely worthy of superhero status.

If you are a supermom in recovery or need a bit more persuasion, please read on.

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What Is A supermom

Have you ever questioned if you’re a supermom?

When you think about the word supermom, what comes to mind?

My guess is not the average hard working mom.  Not a mother in a pair of sweats with her hair pulled up in a messy bun. Typing hastily on her laptop trying to get work done.  Meanwhile, her kids are screaming.  Her daughter’s yelling that her brother pulled her hair.  The dogs running through the house. At the same time, her phone won’t stop ringing until she answers it. Yet, this mom does it. She keeps pushing on through the chaos.

It’s a mom who gets the job done, feeds the kids, makes sure their homework is done, cleans the house, and puts them to bed. She gets the coffee ready for the morning so she can do it all again.

Before she goes to bed, she stands in her kids’ doorway watching them sleep like little angels. She is grateful that she has this. She knows she will miss these moments when they’re older. She then passes out beside her husband who is fast asleep after a long day’s works. That is a supermom.

What about the young mother who is single, working two jobs, and in recovery from opiates. Every day she goes to meet, is furthering her education, and has served jail time for stupid shit she did in addiction. Can this woman in recovery be considered a supermom?

Your damn right. All of these women have supermom status.

Appearance of A Supermom

When someone says supermom, an image pops into your head.  A high heel wearing, pearl necklace, perfect makeup, not a hair out of place, June Cleaver look-alike.

Well, guess what?

That’s not a supermom in my book. That’s a fake ass woman hiding behind something.

A Story

When I was in early recovery, I knew a woman.  A single mother with three kids.

She was a stay at home mom who ran around all day chasing after a toddler who ran her world.  Yet, she seemed to have it all together.  Her bills were paid, her kids had everything they wanted, and she seemed happy.

What wasn’t shown was this woman’s secrets.

She was stressed out so she popped Xanax all day long.  She smoked joints throughout the day to be able to cope.  On top of that, she also popped pain pills all day to numb her feelings.  Just to make it through but she was different, not an addict. She whined to everyone about being broke so people actually just gave her money.  A master manipulator.

At the time, I was a heroin addict in early recovery. Completely aware of what was really going on.  The truth is, she did the same shit that I did to get money for her drugs. The only difference was that she was able to uphold a supermom image.  Hell, I gave up the public image years beforehand.  I didn’t care who knew what I was all about.  Trying to hide my use was let go years and years ago.

To the community, she was a supermom.

Coping with Drugs or Alcohol

The point is that our view on what a supermom encompasses is wrong. Especially, because people hide behind images to appear better to others than they actually are.

A mother who must drink or take pills or smoke weed to deal with life is not a supermom. Simply, pretending to be something that she is not.

Here is what I believe a supermom is. A supermom is sober. She doesn’t need chemicals to cope.

What is A Supermom In Recovery?

She is you.

She is me.

She is the girl down the street who was on dope and is now clean with twins.

She is the grandmother who drank for 30 years who stopped and raised her grandchildren.

She is the substance abuse counselor who is a recovering addict trying to help others.

She is any woman who has a career, a home, and someone to look after and care for.

She is a woman who doesn’t need to drink to handle her family.

Don’t forget, she has faced addiction herself and beat it.

She does it all.


Because she is a supermom. A sober supermom.

The Real Definition

If you go to the dictionary and look up superwoman, sober, and supermom. Here is what you will find.


[soo-per-woo m-uh n]
2.  A woman who copes successfully with the simultaneous demands of a career, marriage, and motherhood.



1.   not intoxicated or drunk.

2.  habitually temperate, especially in the use of liquor.

3.  free from excess, extravagance, or exaggeration:

sober facts.

4.  showing self-control:

sober restraint.


1.  A mother who successfully manages a household and cares for her children while holding a job or being active in her community.
Combine those three definitions together and you get my definition.

The Definition of A Supermom in Recovery aka sober superMOM

1. A woman or mother who must care and look after others (ideally her children yet, it can pertain to other situations). She takes care of her home and all living things and possessions in it.

While successfully completing those tasks, she also manages her career either out of the home or working at home.  Not to mention, handling all the other ins and outs of motherhood, parenting, being a homemaker, a successful career, a lover, a friend, a shoulder to lean on, the caregiver, etc.

The glue that holds the family together. The balance in her family’s life. All the while, not taking one drink or drug to cope with the chaos that all mothers endure. Including the extra she has to face from the stigma of addiction.

This is a woman who does it all and does it all sober, 100% of the time.

There are other words or definitions you can use to describe a sober supermom but, here is my honest opinion.

This is what a real supermom in recovery is…

It is ALL mothers who have kept on despite what society, family, and so-called friends said about them.  It’s the mom who loves their children beyond words and doesn’t give a damn about anybody but them. Including themselves or their image.


Supermom in Recovery; They do exist

A mother who took her life from one extreme to the next.

A woman who cared about herself and only herself for so many years that it was hard to imagine loving someone else so indefinitely that you would drop dead in an instant to save that person from any harm.

A woman who did what she wanted for so damn long, it’s hard for others to imagine her putting others before herself without a second thought.

A complete and total boss.

A woman who is not only at the top of her game in her career, but also at motherhood, at parenting, and every other aspect in her life.

A woman who won’t take no for an answer and will succeed at all that she does. She will give her children the best life possible because that is what a loving mother does.

A woman who shook death’s hand hundreds of times and is still living and breathing.

A woman who has faced the depths of hell and made it back.

A woman who has seen pure and true evil.  She knows how cold the world really is and will now guard her family against the horrors that she has witnessed.

She is not your average mother.  She has seen and done things that people only read about.

She fought for everything she has and for the people in her life.

And there is NO chance that she will let anyone take away anything from her again, disgrace her, disrespect her, corrupt her, or own her.

She is a force to be reckoned with.

A loving mother, the ideal homemaker, a boss, mompreneur, a career woman, a powerful individual, a recovering addict and so much more than words will ever describe.

Final Statement

If you are a mom in recovery and handle your sober life then congrats on being a real hero. A supermom in recovery

You are it.  You are the hero that people thought didn’t exist.  Share your story. Tell your miracle. And love the life you have.

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A supermom in recovery making muscholes and wearing a red cape and mask on a black shirt. On a light blue background with text saying, Are You A Supermom In Recovery?

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