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Welcome to Unjunkiefied

On Unjunkiefied, my mission is to show you that a successful life after addiction is possible. You can create, maintain, and live a kick-ass sober life.

Yes, I am a recovering addict. So, I know exactly what you are going through.

You get clean, you maintain your sobriety, and then what?

It’s not that you are complacent but, you are confident in your ability to remain sober. You know in your heart (and head) that you are ready to take the next step.

Yet, deep inside you have doubts. I get that, I did too. I still do at times.

Just like you, I worried that I had NO chance at a successful future even though I was sober. I damn well knew that the wreckage of the past was still there…from financial ruin to a vast criminal record. Just because I quit doing drugs and causing trouble, did not mean my past didn’t matter or wouldn’t affect my future.

That was my reality and I’m positive you have those same thoughts. At this point in your recovery, I know exactly what you are thinking.

What the hell do I do? Where do I go from here? How do I do this?

Like me, you want need a guide to create a kick-ass sober life.

The sober living blog, Unjunkiefied is a guide for you to create your kick-ass sober life. #guidetosoberliving #soberlife #soberlifestyle #soberbadassery #addictionrecovery #selfimprovement

Where To Begin

How do you start over when the wreckage of your past is seriously + realistically detrimental to your future?

You take it step by step. You have to have the basics down and build your foundation.

Begin Your Sober Life

The first couple years of my sobriety went by in a flash.

At first, you struggle with fighting off the urge to use because that’s what you know. Eventually, you move past that. You begin putting your life together. After that, you have to continue building a solid foundation for your life.

Point blank, you have to do what needs to be done. You can’t let anything or anyone stop you from succeeding.

For example, I remained sober, had a job, stayed out of prison, got in no trouble what so ever, paid off my fines, closed out my collections, got off parole/probation, started a family, had a nice little home, and worked on myself as a person. That covered the fundamental bases.

But, I wanted more. Humans always want more. At least you should! It’s called having goals, dreams, and hopes.

Once again, I wasn’t complacent in my sober life but, I was hungry. As I’m sure you are.

At that time, I knew I accomplished a lot since my days in active addiction. I was somewhere I never thought I would be. Yet, I didn’t want to be a waitress forever, living in a 2 bedroom home.

To put it simply, I was capable of more and I damn well knew it.

You are too. If you have made it this far, you deserve more.

As recovering addicts, we don’t want to simply get by and merely survive as productive members of society. We want to thrive, living a life of sober badassery. #soberbadassery #recoveryblog #soberlife #soberlifestyle


My Mission In Creating This Sober Living Blog

I had to adjust. My mission is turning my mess into a message. To help others overcome their addiction and the struggles of building a successful life + future, SOBER.

I searched high and low for a book, recovery resource, or sober living blog to help me. There wasn’t a website, tool, or resource that fit my exact needs.

What I needed was a guide that didn’t exist. From that need, Unjunkiefied was born.

The sober living blog, Unjunkiefed will help you to create and build your kick-ass sober life. Are you ready? Start here, start now. #soberlife #soberlifestyle #recovery #soberliving #sobriety #newlife #changeyourlife #personalgrowth #soberbadassery

The mission of is every recovering addict’s wish. It’s your guide to creating a kick-ass sober life.

As recovering addicts, we don't want to simply get by and survive as a productive member of society. We want to thrive, living a life of sober badassery. #soberbadassery #recoveryblog #sobrietyblog #soberliving #soberlife Click To Tweet

I do this by providing valuable insight, experience, improvement tips, and actionable steps for you to take. All meant to get you to where you want to be.

This is where you will find the tools and info you need to create a kick-ass sober life. You can find UNJ’s valuable information broken into five main categories. Early Recovery, Addiction Recovery, Sober Living, Plan Your Future, and Sober Badassery.


Being new to sobriety is a crucial time in your life. If you are new to sobriety, just hang on, it does get better. Here you will find valuable advice, tips, and skills to make it through early recovery.


Recovering from your addiction is not going to be easy. There is more to it than being sober. You will discover your triggers, how to develop essential coping skills, how to maintain your sobriety, overcome the wreckage of your past, different treatments, relapse prevention, and how to actually recover from your past.


Find tips, tricks, guides, and more when you choose to live a sober lifestyle, to the fullest. This includes healthy relationships, establishing your career, fun sober activities, love in recovery, home life, legal issues, parenting in recovery, maintaining your sobriety, and much much more.


In addiction, future plans were not the norm. Unjunkiefied is creating your kick-ass sober life. Find guides, products, expertise, and more to set goals, create & take action with a life plan, and live out your dreams. Recovery gives you the option to be successful and you will take full advantage of it.


Sober badassery is the branding of your life. It’s how you carry yourself, your confidence, inspiration, style, and more. It’s the definition of what you have created and who you have become. Find inspiration, motivation, freebies, gift-guides, and everything that sober badassery encompasses.

Free Tools To Add Absolute Value To Sober Living

Newly sober, in early recovery, or simply stuck in sobriety, you are struggling. It is hard to start over with nothing. Download this free outline to discover when and where to take action and do it now to fix your life so you can live the sober life you want. Keep reading the Unjunkiefied sober living blog for even more guidance and value. #fixyourlife #sobriety #earlyrecovery #soberbadassery #personalgrowth #soberliving #howtostaysober #improveyourlife

If you are new to sobriety, in early recovery, or sober but starting over from rock bottom, then this is exactly what you need. A complete step by step outline of everything you need to do to fix your life.

To create a kick-ass sober lifestyle, you have to dive head first into addiction recovery. Successful recovery requires much more than staying sober, you have to improve yourself first. The Get Your Shine On addiction recovery journal is the perfect, free way to do just that. #journaling #recoveryjournal #writingtherapy #selftherapy #selfhelp #improveyourself #soberlifestyle #recoveryjournalprompts

Once sober, you want everything to get better, asap. For most of us, myself included, that means changing our entire lifestyle. But to change your life, you have to change yourself. You are the center of it all. If you aren’t willing to work on yourself, nothing will change. Using the free addiction recovery journal, Get Your Shine on, it’s time to get to work on you.

Welcome to Unjunkiefied, a sober living blog packed with value and #soberbadassery. Access the member's only free resource library for a HUGE sober living toolkit full of nothing but absolute value + inspiration. #freeresources #recoveryresources #soberprintables #addictionrecoveryworksheets #soberlivingblog #soberliving #soberlife #soberbadassery

Access exclusive tools and resources designed specifically to help you create a kick-ass sober life that you love.

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You Can Start With These Articles

If you aren't where you want to be in sobriety then, it's time for you to make a small change. Maintaining your sobriety is just one part of having a successful sober lifestyle. If you are ready to upgrade your sober life then continue reading to discover 10 small change to make in recovery that will truly and simply change your life for the better. #changeyourlife #soberlifestyle #soberliving #upgradeyourlife
It's your year. Rock your recovery and create the sober life you dream of. Read on so you know for certain, the things you NEED to do to stay sober. You can't create a sober lifestyle if you can't maintain your sobriety. #staysober #sobriety #relapseprevention #sobertips #qualityoflife #soberlife #addictionrecovery
Are you stuck in the past? The guilt, the shame, and the remorse are killing you slowly? Click on this post and discover 10 steps to recovery from your past before it completely destroys you. You got this and keep moving forward with a Free blueprint to fix your life after addiction. #addictionrecovery #recovery #overcomeobstacles #recoverfromyourpast ##startfresh #letitgo #fixyourlife #womeninrecovery #selfimprovement #lifetransformation #movingon

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