Reasons Sober Is Better : The Truth About Being Normal

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Let me take a moment to breakdown why being sober has become socially acceptable. It’s now a normal thing to do. I will list the reasons sober is better. The “cool” thing to do if you will.

Being sober is what recovering addicts do. It is what our youth should strive for.

Think back to your early addiction, when you recreationally used drugs to have fun. It was socially acceptable.

Drinking and smoking weed was the normal thing that you did as a kid. Right? I mean, that’s what kids do.

Thankfully, thriving in a sober lifestyle has become a “thing”.

Seriously, where did using drugs get you?

I can tell you that it got me nowhere. I ended up doing things I thought I would never do and being someone that I hated.

Think about yourself in active addiction, at your absolute worst.  Mentally go back to the moment when you hit your rock bottom. I’m talking about the bottom of rock bottom.

Believing Chaos Is Your Normal

Then, think back to the first time you thought about being sober. You knew without one shred of a doubt that you have had enough.  What you were doing at this time was not living. This is not the way you wanted to be.

Yet, your mindset and illogical way of thinking led you to believe that this is how life was, how you were supposed to be. The lifestyle and environment you were in wouldn’t allow you to escape and become someone better.

How was that normal?

How was using + selling drugs, running the streets, committing crimes, and doing god knows what,  make you cool?

Why is that we had no goals, no hopes, no chance of success?

Why did people who were born into a bad situation, into poverty, into unfortunate circumstances be willing to accept that as the endgame?

Willing to accept that we would never amount to anything more?

That you or I or all of your peers were destined to be a product of our environment?

Why did we think for one second that being an addict, that being nothing was the right thing to do?

That this chaotic lifestyle and being prison-bound is exactly what we were meant to do?

Come on, does that even sound logical?

Sobriety Is Logical

I’m not here to debate. I didn’t think logically in addiction. I gave up. I’m guessing you gave up. That isn’t logical – EVERYONE wants to live.

But what is logical is sobriety.

Once in recovery, you see people in active addiction and you wonder if that’s what you were like.

Did you look that bad?

Act that fucking stupid?

Why would you let yourself go?

Why was that your normal?

Thankfully, more and more people are coming to realize the reasons why sober is better.

Once we are sober, we realize that it was not normal to be that way. It wasn’t the cool thing to do. Or the right thing to do.

Please continue reading the reasons why sober is better. Much damn better and why sobriety is normal. Our NEW NORMAL.

Indisputable Reasons Sober Is Better

1. Self Respect

Self-respect is a huge deal to me and I hope it is the same for you.

Every woman or man should respect themself and the decisions that they make.

In recovery, you have morals now.  It’s not anything goes.

I never think to myself, well I’ll do this because the money is worth it or I am getting a whole fricken brick for doing this horrible shit.  Hell no, forget that, not no more.

I never have to worry about feeling dirty or wrong or feel like I’m going to vomit just thinking about the situations I put myself in.

Every single decision I make is respectable.  My standards are high.  I do not deal with the bullshit.  I respect myself and my body.  If you don’t like it then, it’s time for you to move on.

Plus, I’m married so don’t come at me sideways with any shit about my past or assume something.  Family, friend, or random person, I will smack that smirk right off your face.  My past does not define the person that I have become.

2.  Money

This is a no-brainer.

Think of your money situation now compared to your money situation in active addiction.

Finances In My Addiction

I don’t talk about much of my past but, I’ll say this.  When I was in early addiction, I got an accident settlement from a car wreck I was in.  It was over $100,000 and gone in a few months if that.  If I shot dope then, I would be dead.  The thing is I have nothing to show for it and that’s how I started my addiction.

Yep with a shitload of money so, I was used to it and I needed that throughout my decade addiction which led to a lot of criminal activity.

Yet, I never had a dollar to my name.  It was drug money and nothing else.  It was gone as soon as I got it.  I knew that and didn’t question it.

Finances In My Recovery

Now, I have everything I want.  I’m not rich by any means but, I am comfortable.  I have credit cards which my credit sucked before, big time.

It’s nice to be able to buy what I need and spoil my children.  Isn’t that what a parent is supposed to do? To give their child better choices, better options, and yes – even better possessions that they once had.

Everything that I have, I am grateful for.  If you are a recovering addict than surely you must feel the same.

Having money to spend and actually have a place to live and bills to pay is f-awesome.  Isn’t it?

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3.  Relationships

My relationships are pretty remarkable.

Throughout my addiction, one thing I missed so much was my grandparents.  Now, I talk to them every day and see them at least once or twice a week.  My parents and I were not even on speaking terms, now we are a family again.

Wait, the absolute best thing is I have a family of my own. My partner is not another junkie that I get high with. He is sober, I am sober. We are sober. He is a hard-working man who works his ass off while he lets me pursue my dreams.  Sober and working together to succeed – that is NORMAL.

Think about the difference in your relationships.

In addiction, you had no real friends.

You didn’t do normal things.  Did you ever go out to dinner or to the movies?  What about taking your children on vacation?

Hell, did you even have custody of your children?  I’m being serious.  Yes, I have personally been there.  What more could I ask for?

4. Healthy

Your health is so important to you.  Not just how you look on the outside but, you have to start inside.

We all know that putting drugs into your body is not good.  Not one little bit.  People end up with diseases like hepatitis and even HIV. Some addicts have mental health issues to deal with and with drugs they are simply self-medicating.   So, they are not taking care of the underlying problem.

Not to mention that being sober, we eat better, care for ourselves, and sleep better.

In active addiction, we didn’t do any of this stuff like we should have.  Addicts do not take care of themselves the right way.  The way that our mind and body needs us to. We all need to be emotionally, mentally, and physically healthy.

In sobriety, we are well on our way and a hell of a lot better off than before.

5.  No More Legal Issues

This might sound ridiculous to some but, to me, it’s not.

Do you know how long it has been since I have been to jail?  Once I got clean, within the same year I got off of both probation and parole. What?  Oh my, was I happy. I never thought it would happen.

For several years I had a warrant out for my arrest constantly. I was always looking over my shoulder.  At the end, I was very paranoid. I didn’t leave my house for months because I was afraid of going to prison.

On top of having no legal issues pending or current, I am free.  I no longer freak when I see a cop behind me.  Or want to spit on the cop car when I walk past just because I hate the way they look.  I am free, free from a troubled mind.

No longer committing criminal activities for drugs.  I am a productive, law-abiding citizen.  Damn, I just laughed out loud because 7 years ago if I would never have said that in public.  It wasn’t cool. It wasn’t normal.

Just another one of the reasons sober is better and the new normal.

6.  People’s Perception

Think of how people used to perceive you.

When I see a person in active addiction, my first instinct is to feel bad because I know the pain, the torture, and the emptiness.

Yet, I wonder when is that person going to say that they are ready to get clean? When is it going to be enough? They might die like this.

I still give panhandlers money if I cross them even though 9.9999999 out of 10 times it is for drugs. (I’ve been there, don’t tell me different)

No longer do I want people to feel sorry for me or say damn, look how bad she fucked up her life.

Those Who Don’t Get It

Then, there are the people who don’t understand addiction.

They look at addicts as scum.  They perceive you as a piece of shit believing you could stop at any moment.  It’s a moral failing, a character defect.  Wake up loser, everything in life isn’t free!  You have to work, you just can’t lay around getting high all day.

Yeah, I definitely don’t want people to perceive me like that.

FYI – I won’t lie and say that getting clean is instantly going to change a person’s perception of you. Some are waiting for you to fail, others think you can never change. While, those you knew from your former lifestyle think you are a sellout.

Then there are those who are so proud of what you have managed to overcome. What you have accomplished. Don’t let the others discredit your success.

Which leads directly into the next reason sober is better and the normal you want.

7.  People Respect You

Not only will you have self-respect but you will get respect from others as well. Especially from other people in recovery or from anyone who knows a thing about addiction.

They will respect you for changing your life and for overcoming your addiction.

I used to be afraid of how people would look at my children once they knew about my past.  Then, my husband told me that he doesn’t know one person who talks shit or downgrades me because I made something of myself and overcame the biggest struggle I ever had to face.

And you know what?  He was right.

8.  You Always Remember

No more of waking up and not knowing what conspired the previous night or day, or week for that matter.  I am the type of person who remembers everything.  My husband hates it. I really remember everything.

Although, there have been plenty of nights during my active addiction that I do not remember a damn thing. Mainly, due to the Xanax or Klonopin, I was taking on top of my dope.  People would tell me stories and I would laugh.  But you know what?  It’s funny to a street walking addict but not to a sober mother with kids.

Who the hell wants that to happen?

To not remember what you did the night before?

You were so fucked up, you could have killed someone and have no damn clue.

What about those moments when you wake up and you’re staring at the bottom of the top bunk in a jail cell and you think to yourself, how the hell did I end up here?

Or oh my god, please tell me that this is just a bad dream. Oh, the agony.  No more of that bullshit.

Thank you but I like knowing what the hell is going on.

9.  No More Sickness

Remember,  I am a recovering heroin addict so being dope sick was always part of the game.  Every time I had to detox, it got worse and worse.

It didn’t matter if it was with or without medication to help the symptoms of withdrawal.

The very last time I had to detox, I was pregnant and converted to methadone while incarcerated.  It was pure hell.  I was in the hospital for a week, throwing up repeatedly, every 5 minutes.  Let’s not forget there was a guard right beside my hospital bed since I was technically incarcerated and going right back to prison once I was done with detox.

In the beginning of addiction, there was no sickness like that.  There is no doubt that detox and withdrawal will get worse with time.  The longer you stay out there, the harder it is to come back.  Nothing more than a harsh reality.

Who likes being sick?

10.  Material Possessions

How cool is that?  Seriously, now that you can actually hold down a job, you have things.  A home, a car, a bed, clothes, money, and other possessions.  If your addiction never led you to be homeless, it would have. Never say never.

You would be surprised at how far you will fall if you stay in active addiction.

Yet, along with having material possessions comes bills.  The thing is, that is alright.  You pay your bills and on time.  You pay loans, fines, mortgages, daycare, and so on.

The truth is, you are now a responsible, productive member of society.  I hate that damn saying but, that’s what it is.

Be proud of all that you possess and of all the possessions you have legally acquired.

11.  Sober is Normal – The Best Reason Sober Is Better

A job, a career, an education, a better life, a healthier appearance, a clear mind, financial gain, a loving family, and the list goes on.

Shouldn’t this have been our “normal” all along?

The reasons sober is better is obvious. So let me ask you, why did any of us ever think it wasn’t?

Make Sober Your Normal

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