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10 Small Changes That will Make A Huge Difference To Your Sober Life

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If you want to continue to improve your sober life.Then read this post to find out small changes to make in recovery that will make a HUGE difference to your sober life. A simple small change can have a huge impact. #changeyourlife #addictionrecovery #soberlifestyle #soberliving #soberlife #inrecovery #soberbadassery

Do you still have small changes to make in recovery?

Sometimes, a simple little change can make a world of difference and put you right where you need to be.

Creating the sober life you dream of is going to take a lot of effort and persistence on your part. So, start now.

Work hard to create the sober life you truly want. You can do it, despite everything that has stemmed from your past addiction. Start small, and start simple.

Here are small changes to make in recovery to get you started. The simplicity of these changes is what makes this so doable. It’s hard to believe that something so small can make a world of a difference.

Don’t Try To Do It All

I am not trying to preach to you. Saying that you need to make these changes in your life if you want it to get better.

But I am telling you that there are small changes to make in recovery that will get you closer to your sober vision.

Just remember, you can’t put all these changes into action at once. No matter how small or insignificant they may seem.


But wait a second. Where do you start if you are certain that your ENTIRE life needs to change?

Maybe you are new to recovery. Or you just aren’t where you need to be and you damn well know it. Your life has spiraled so much out of control that you just don’t know where to begin.

As recovering addicts, we all know the feeling. The fun times of getting high with friends ended up getting a bit too serious. Life got crazy and it happened fast.

The thing is, you overcame it. You got sober. Life isn’t over and it doesn’t have to suck. There are small changes to make in recovery that will make you feel better and gain the confidence to take your sober life to the next level.

Even if you need to change your entire life, you still start small. Keep in mind, there is no instant gratification but, the positive effects of the changes you make will come.

If you aren't where you want to be in sobriety then, it's time for you to make a small change. Maintaining your sobriety is just one part of having a successful sober lifestyle. If you are ready to upgrade your sober life then continue reading to discover 10 small change to make in recovery that will truly and simply change your life for the better. #changeyourlife #soberlifestyle #soberliving #upgradeyourlife

Here are 10 small changes to make in recovery that will end up making a HUGE difference in your sober life.

Finding Things That Make You Happy

Why are we always so focused on the negatives in life? 

People (including you and I) are always so quick to point out the bad things that we often let the good things slip on by. We don’t notice the happy moments or what we do have because we focus only on what we don’t have or successes that others have that we don’t think we could ever obtain.

Everyone is guilty of doing this. Come on, admit it. Hell, I still do it from time to time. So, the best small change you can make to get out of this negativity trap is to find things that make you happy. The easiest way to do this is to find a hobby. Something that you absolutely love, without question.

Once you start doing things that make you happy, your happiness extends into other parts of your life.

Finding Ways To Cope With The Bad Days

Everyone has bad days. Everyone gets stressed AF. Sometimes things simply go wrong, no matter what we do. You have to find ways to cope with it other than using drugs or taking a drink.

There are sober living associations that can really help you put your life back on track and help you to develop coping skills that are beneficial to your life.

Being able to pinpoint your triggers and develop healthy coping skills is one of the things you learn in early recovery. If you are one of those people who just blew those lessons off while in rehab, you should have paid attention. 

Finding new ways to cope with the bad days without picking up a drug or drink are simple yet effective small changes to make in recovery. It’s one of the most important changes you make in creating a life after addiction.

Making The Most Of Every day

Finding ways to make the most of everyday is what will set you free. It’s about finding the good in bad situations and turning everything into a positive.

Make the most of your life, every single day. For real, do you realize how fucking amazing you truly are? You overcame addiction and are creating the sober life you want. Did you ever think you would do that? Do you know how many people don’t make it out alive? And you did.

To get yourself into this mindset, I highly recommend you read the book, Shattered. The author, Jessica Rasdall. Her life flipped upside down in an instant but she made the most of it instead of succumbing to the situation. Check it out.

Keeping A Schedule

Growing up, I always considered myself to be a go with the flow, wild and free kinda gal. I mean, that was living the dream, right?

Well, let me tell you something. Living moment to moment, day to day meant that I had no real purpose. I was in active addiction, there might not be a tomorrow. Why make plans for the future if my future was nothing more than needles and prison?

It also meant that I had no accountability, no goals, no ambition for success, and no commitment. I didn’t make plans to meet up or visit in a week because I knew that I wouldn’t be there. Next week was another day, another time. I had no job, no home, no family, nothing.

Once I got clean, the hope came back. As well as wanting more. I had to keep a schedule to keep myself on track, to get everything done I needed to, to remember the important dates.

Setting a schedule for yourself not only helps you to improve your mental state but, will your body will thank you for giving it a consistent schedule.

Change is inevitable. Especially in sobriety. Here are 10 small changes to make in recovery that will change your life for the better and give you instant results. Enjoy your soberlifestyle and make the most of it. #soberlifestyle #improveyourlife #changeyourlife #soberliving #soberbadassery #addictionrecovery

Being More Active

Have you been to an inpatient treatment center? After the initial detox, they make you get up early each morning and you keep moving ALL day long until it’s time for bed. They do this for a reason.

When you aren’t happy about your current situation, you have a tendency to shut down. You will lay around all day, mope, pout, and cry about how bad your life sucks. Instead of doing something about. It’s totally counterproductive.

If you are active and keeping busy, your juices are flowing. You feel better both mentally and physically.

So if you find yourself laying around all day, self-loathing about how you aren’t progressing as you should in sobriety than get up and get moving. It’s one of the small changes to make in recovery that will make a HUGE difference, quick.

Looking Good

This is a change that I recently made this year and let me tell you, the results were instant.

I work at home with my 3 and 5-year-old. My oldest goes to preschool but that’s the extent of me having to leave my house every day. My day consisted of maintaining my home, working on my laptop, and taking care of the children. Let’s just say I was slacking on my physical appearance. Shirt, pajama pants, and messy bun. I maybe put on makeup once a year. Most days I didn’t even brush my hair and my teeth didn’t get brushed till around noon.  Yeah, pretty damn gross. I know alright.

It made me fall into a slump and become disgusted with myself. I made the small change of taking a little time every morning to put on makeup, fix my hair, and actually get dressed. Sometimes, my outfit for the day consists of leggings, a hoodie, and beanie but I’m comfy and look pretty damn cute if I do say so.

My favs are from Beautiful Disaster, I think I own every hoodie in the shop and I love them all. The New Defined Hoodie just came out which is amazing af. Click here to check it out now. Not to mention, there is a TON of items on clearance right now, about to be gone forever. Go there now and use code NEWYOU at checkout to save even more money.  Awesome!

Point being, take pride in your physical appearance. A new haircut, brand new hoodie, or pair of shoes may just be the small change to access your current life and refocus to rock your recovery. You can and will build a successful badass sober life. Seriously

Having a Sober Vision

Can you picture your sober future in your head?

Do you the details of everything you want to happen?

If not, you need to make one. I’m talking seriously get out a pen and paper and write down your sober vision.

This gives you hope, inspiration, and something to reach for. If you don’t know what you want out of life then, you don’t have goals, ambition, or drive. All of which you need for successful #soberbadassery.

Finding motivation

This is another small change you can make in recovery to keep moving forward.

What or who inspires you to keep going and to upgrade your life?

You have to find ways to motivate yourself to reach your dreams.

My personal suggestion and what I do is to create a vision board. Keep it somewhere that you see it multiple times a day. Mine includes a copy of my sober vision, my manifesto, different mantras and affirmations, pics of what I want, my kids, inspirational quotes, and shit like that.

P.S. If you aren’t part of the Unjunkiefied family, click the image below to sign up. It’s free. Find tons of motivational printables which includes all the stuff I just mentioned. Plus, so much more including the newsletter.

Get Access to the Unjunkiefied Resource Library aka The Ultimate Recovery Toolkit packed full of recovery resources and tools for a sober lifestyle. #soberbadassery #soberlife #soberliving #addictionrecovery

Keeping A Clean Home

If your home is cluttered and a hot mess than so are you. That’s the honest to god truth.

There is nothing more irritating and soul-sucking then waking up in the morning to a messy house, sink full of dishes, toys everywhere, no coffee, and you can’t even walk through your house without stepping on something.

This is one of the best changes I have ever made. Dead serious. Before I go to bed, it takes me 15 to 20 minutes, to load the dishwasher, get my coffee pot ready and set the timer, pick up the kids toys, I get my fiance’s lunch ready so I don’t have to make it in the morning, get the animals food and water, set my phone alarm, and that’s it.

My mornings run smoothly which starts the day off in a great way. If you don’t do this, start now!

And enjoy your morning coffee with one of these mugs. I just luv ’em.

Using Affirmations

In addiction, you have a fixed mindset. Life will not get better, it will not change. I am going to live a junkie and die a junkie. That’s what I always said.

When I got sober, I had to develop a growth mindset. It was hard at first but, once I got some clean time under my belt, it got easier. Finally, I was able to see how strong I was, what I was able to overcome, and just how truly badass I really was.

I was able to change my mindset by using affirmations. I used to think it was stupid but, it’s not. Not at all.

Once you tell yourself the same thing over and over and over, you begin to believe it, to feel it, to take action on it, and to live it.

Start today by saying one affirmation and say it multiple times a day, every day. Soon, it will be your reality.

If you need some help with affirmations, read the Big Ass List of Positive Affirmations for Women In Recovery. I also own and highly recommend both of these sets of affirmation cards which are great to have handy. Seriously.

Small Changes To Make In Recovery

Bottom line, change is inevitable. Nothing stays the same, ever.

Why not take action so things change for the better instead of for the worse?

As shown, you can make small changes in recovery and end up getting big results.

Take your sober life to the next level.

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