How To Use The Power Of Your Story To Change Your Life

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Do you know the power of your story?

The fierce power behind the moments that shape your entire life?

The significance of your struggles?

Do you know the inspiration others find in your strength to overcome challenges?

Or the realization that we all have had to endure pain and suffering?

Know the power of your story. The power behind all that you have dealt with and overcame. Your strength is miraculous. Every part of your story has made you a champion. #strength #badasswoman #badasslady #survivor #personalgrowth #yourstory… Click To Tweet

Do you know how to use the power of your story?


Each one of us has a story to tell.

No two are alike because it is the story of our life from our own perspective.

Your struggles, successes, and significant memories are different than mine.

I did not face the same challenges as you did.

What caused your painful and trying past is not the same as mine, not the same as hers, or the same as his.

No one knows the true effect that life has had on you. The emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual pain that you have endured.  You could be broken from the inside out. You could be crying out for someone to save you. Or maybe you have managed to let go of all of that pain.

Maybe, you already found your way out, no matter what cards life has dealt you.

No one can say that your story is less significant, less tragic, or less important than their story.


The power of your story has made you the person that you are.

It doesn’t matter if you have had to overcome a lot or if your life has been a breeze.

I guarantee you that there has been some sort of obstacle you have had to face.

We all have to deal with life’s ups and downs.



Discover how the power of your story can help you be your best self.


There are specific moments in your life that you will always remember and never forget.  The good times and the bad ones.

No living creature likes to feel pain, hurt, sorrow, dishonesty, or any of the other horrible emotions that I do not need to explain.

When we experience these feelings, we do one of two things.

  • One is that we replay the difficult situation over and over again in our mind. It consumes us. We can’t let go, we won’t move on, and we can’t forget. We blame ourselves for the damage that was done and the non-stop pain that we continue to feel. It consumes every part of us until we end up in a never-ending hole of darkness that we can never seem to get out of. Due to this negative thinking, many many other problems can arise. We let it have complete control over us mentally, physically, and emotionally. This is NEVER a good thing.
  • Then, there are those of us who have completely blocked it out. We won’t own it or accept it because it didn’t happen. What you had to experience fucked with you so bad that you NEVER want to feel that way again. You don’t have to learn to cope in a healthy way with your pain because it didn’t happen.  Unfortunately, whatever caused this, did happen to you and even though you stuffed that shit so far down that no one knows. It happened and your sub-conscious is well aware. Your behaviors, emotions, decisions, and actions will always be based on this travesty.

Own it. Use the power of your story.


The time comes when you must face everything that has happened in your life and I mean, EVERYTHING. You must accept the bad and not only the good.

Accept it.

Feel it.


Until you own every single part of your life, you will not be able to move on.

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As long as you deny your past, it will stay with you. It will define you. From the bad choices you made to the people you hurt. The friends you wish you still had to the person who got away.

You must come to terms with all of it. The love, the loss, the fun, and the sorrow.

Once you own your story, you can learn from it, and will be able to finally move forward with your life.

Discover how the power of your story can help you be your best self.


Part of growing up is learning from your past, from your mistakes, and learning from your achievements.

Remember, there are no failures just lessons learned. It may not seem like this now but, if you own your story, really own it, then you will be able to learn from every single aspect of it.

Failure does not have to be a permanent action. If it did not work out the way you expected it to originally and you take it at face value. You become aware of what needs to be done differently.

Other opportunities to learn come from your success. Your success will confirm your skills and the power you have to succeed.

Use ALL of this personal information to create the next chapters of your story. There is an unfathomable amount to be learned from your past. Use it to your advantage. You alone have the power to shape your future. You have the power to say how your life is going to turn out.

After all, we all want our story to have a happy ending, AMIRIGHT?

It’s up to you to make it happen. No one else has that power except you.

Your story isn't over. The power of your story is without parallel. Use it to change your life and shape your future.

Use the power of your story as a learning tool to create the future that you want. To be a badass success.

Become your best self. You deserve it after all you have managed to overcome.


After experiencing so much in your life, there comes a time when you have to make a choice. A choice to change your life for the better.

Without a doubt, it’s the moment when you decide to no longer let your past define your future.

You don’t want your life to be the same as it was.

Every success story that you hear will have this moment. It’s the epiphytal moment. The moment you chose to improve your life.

You may have to eliminate people or places, change your mindset, take a risk, and get out of your comfort zone. Most likely, ALL OF THAT and then some.

I know the exact moment that my life changed and it was for the better. True, it was one of the hardest things that I have ever done. Even though, it wasn’t easy. It was worth it.

When sharing your success story, you will know the moment I’m talking about.

You will always have ups and downs but, now you will handle it like a badass.

Once you have the moment that changes it all, you will be on the fast track to success.

That moment, that hard as hell moment will give you strength, power, courage, persistence, and motivation to do the damn thing.

Deep inside, you feel it. After that, every time you face a difficult decision. You will trust your gut, thinking back on that one moment. Knowing that this is easy compared to what you have done before.

Failure will NOT be an option because you KNOW. You KNOW you can do this.

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The power of your story shapes your life.


There are numerous benefits of sharing your story.

It will HEAL YOU. Heal your hurts, your pain, your fear, and your heartache.

There is a healing power of telling your story. It will HEAL you. Heal your hurts, your pain, your fear, and your heartache. It will HEAL others with strength, courage, and hope. Share your story to help others become a success. #yourstory… Click To Tweet

Now, you will know the absolute power of your story. The power you have within yourself to slay your goals, to accomplish feats you never believed possible, and you truly know just how successful you can be.

It is said that the most powerful thing in the world is knowing yourself, what you are capable of, what your purpose is, and how far you will go to succeed.

The power of sharing your story gives other people the hope they yearn for, the inspiration they need, the motivation to go for it, and the courage to change their lives for the better. For in you, they now have real live proof that miracles do happen. That they can succeed. It doesn’t matter how low they sank or how long they have been at rock bottom. You will show them that success is possible no matter what.

Witnessing the power that your story has on other people will drive you to continue crushing it. You can take your success as far as you want to.

Iyanla Vazant is the star of Iyanla, fix my life. She knows the power of your story. The power it has to change you and change the world you live in. Learn how to use the power of your story to become the best you.


I want to remind you of all that you have achieved and how far you have come.

You have proved yourself wrong. The old you never thought you would make it this far.

So why stop now?

Your story is far from over.

Make the next chapter more miraculous than the last.

Do you realize that the real power of your story is YOU?


Are you ready to discover how your story can help you succeed?

Discover how the power of your story can help you be your best self.

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