New Year’s Resolutions To Rock Your Recovery

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Make this year the best year to be sober. Set New Year's Resolutions for recovery to take a step forward tn having the life you have always dreamed of. #soberliving #recoveringaddict #goalsetting #newyearsresolutions #recovery #sobriety #recoveringaddict

Make 2019 your greatest year yet by setting the best New Year’s resolutions for recovery.

After being an addict for so long and finally getting sober, you owe it to yourself to rock your recovery and create a kick-ass life.

Don’t BullShit Yourself

How many people make new years resolutions and never take a damn step to actually make one resolution happen?

Come on, raise your hand.  I have done it too. Hell, we all have.

Here’s the thing. You NEED to make resolutions that you can + will keep. What is the point of even taking the time to make resolutions if you aren’t going to to take action to make it your reality?

Start Fresh

The new year is a time for new beginnings which is something we all need in addiction recovery.

Now sober, you want to work hard to make your life meaningful, fulfilling, and complete. You have dreams and you need to set actionable steps to make those dreams come true.

There is no better time to start creating a life you want then the New Year. Resolve to make permanent, valuable changes to your life that will push you closer to the life you longed for. Yet never thought possible due to your addiction.

Here are 15 New Year’s resolutions for recovery that will make a huge difference in your life.

Are you ready to make this the best year yet now that you are sober? Set New Year's resolutions for recovery so you can create the life you really want. Read this post to find 15 ideas for resolutions plus free resolution worksheets. #soberlife #soberliving #newyearsresolutions #recovery #sobriety #addictionrecovery #goalsetting #resolutions #soberyear

1. Track your milestones. It doesn’t matter if you have one day sober, one month, one year, or one decade. Keeping track of memorable moments and important dates in your sobriety can improve your self -confidence, willpower, and give reassurance that you got this.

Bonus: Get Unjunkiefied and get access to the free resource library which is continuously updated and full of valuable freebies. (Hint: A new addition is a 2019 sobriety calendar so you can track your milestones and other important stuff.)

2. Spend more time with loved ones.  Not only has your addiction caused you to miss out on many special occasions and everything else family related. But in early recovery, you are told to focus on yourself which may cause you to miss out on even more stuff. Set aside certain days to spend with your loved ones.

3. Start journaling at a set time each day. Journaling is self-therapy. It’s extremely beneficial whether you are in recovery or not. Set a time when you first wake up or before you go to sleep.

Bonus: Click the button below to download the free printable addiction recovery journal, Get Your Shine On


4. Go to therapy. Before you say anything, let me explain. Talking to a professional about anything in your life is helpful. It relieves stress, anxiety, and it’s valuable to have an opinion of someone on the outside who doesn’t hold a personal place in your life.

5. Pick up a book and read. Straight up, knowledge is power. You don’t have to be a burn-out. Resolve to read at least one new book a month. Read this post for some great books to start with.

6. Get healthy in sobriety. This includes eating right, exercising, sleeping well, and so much more. If this is your resolution, make specific and detailed plan to stick to. Don’t stray from your goals. Find out more about being physically fit in sobriety by clicking right here.

7. Show your gratitude. I’m sure you have heard the term “grateful recovering addict”. Do something every day to show just how grateful you are for your sobriety. You can do this in a gratitude journal.

Bonus: The Get Your Shine On recovery journal also includes additional gratitude prompts.

8. Keep good company. The New Year is the perfect time to cut ties with those people in your life who aren’t supportive, who bring you down, or who are just plain bad for you. Remember, the company you keep reflects who you are as a person.

9. Start saving money. Not only is this a great time to get your finances in order but, start keeping personal savings. If not only for you then have one for an emergency. Even if it’s only $5 a week. I guarantee you that it will add up quicker than you think.

10. Crush your goals. This goes without saying, set goals, write a detailed plan of how to achieve those goals, and achieve them. Each and every one of them. If you don’t know where to begin with goal slaying then I highly recommend the Slay Your Goals Planner. You can click the image below to get it.

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11. Rock your rebel style. Be the person you want to be. Stop portraying yourself as what others expect of you. If you like to dye your hair blue, rock a pair of kick-ass Converses, and a comfy hoodie then, do the damn thing. That is you. Don’t apologize for being yourself.

Bonus: If you want kick-ass, stylish, comfortable clothing that represents what you have overcome and who you are. Then, you need to check out Beautiful Disaster. I love it and will rep this brand until I’m too damn old to rock it anymore. (which will never happen lol)

12. Set a schedule. Believe it or not, a schedule is a great tool. It’s structure for people new to sobriety. For others in recovery, it can help you get better sleep, become more productive, and is part of becoming a badass success overall. Seriously.

13. All You. You don’t need to spend money on self-care. Resolve to do the basics including getting enough sleep, bathing, getting dressed up, eating better, getting outside and soaking in the sun, taking a long walk, etc. Most importantly, get some ME time. Spend time by yourself to relax, refocus, and refresh. I know you need it because I sure do.

Now sober, do you have any ideas for new years resolutions in recovery? Setting resolutions for the new year is a perfect way to take control of your life and rock your recovery. Read this post to get ideas for resolutions and a free worksheet to take it a step further. #recovery #newyearsresolutions #soberliving #soberlife #recoveringaddict #recovery

14. Don’t forget about your love life. Many times in sobriety, your love life takes the back burner if you are truly focusing on yourself. I’m not saying jump into a relationship or in bed with the first person you meet. But we all got needs that need to be satisfied or it can give a negative impact on our mental state. Don’t’ go crazy but take care of your more personal needs this year.

15.  Think Positive.  Your personality and attitude not only effects you but those around you. If you try to stay positive and see the silver lining then your outlook and mindset will change for the better.

Be Specific with your Resolution

Setting a New Year’s Resolution for recovery should basically be the same thing as setting a goal When making a New Year’s resolution, you have to be specific. The more detailed your resolution, the easier it will be to complete.

The above 15 resolutions will give you ideas of what you can do.

It’s up to you to adjust it to your life and where you are at in your sobriety.

Set New Year’s resolutions for your recovery so you can live a life of sober badassery and love every second of it.

Before you go, sign up below and get your FREE resolution workbook to MAKE IT YOUR YEAR in 2019!

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