Why Journaling In Recovery Is A Super Badass Idea!

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Straight up, I love to journal.  I mean LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.  There are so many benefits to journaling, especially when it comes to journaling in recovery.  It doesn’t matter what you write about, who you write about, or why you are writing it.  Getting all of that stuff floating around in your head down on paper allows you to see the big picture.  This way you can work towards solving problems, resolving conflicts, and gaining an in-depth perspective on yourself.

Even in active addiction, I journaled.  Consistently?  Hell no. Yet, one of my favorite things to do was to get high, shut myself in a room, blast my favorite music, and write and draw in notebooks.  Everything from quotes to venting about how much I despised my heroin addiction.  Sometimes I would write as if I was talking to God and I would ask for forgiveness.  I would write pages upon pages of explaining all the horror I have seen and the hurtful things I have done. When I was done, I would read back over it and cry like a blubbering baby. Yet, it made me feel better for the moment.  Being able to get all that stuff out that I was holding in for so long.  Journaling has an immense therapeutic value. That is just one reason why journaling in recovery is so damn important!

Let’s take a look at exactly why journaling in recovery is badass!

Journaling in Recovery is Badass

Journaling In Recovery is All You!!!

We all need something that is personal and private.  Sort of like a diary.  It’s where you can let loose.  Get out all those emotions and feelings.  Let go of the excess baggage.  Trust me, when we are journaling in recovery, the wreckage of the past creeps in at first so, we can talk about ALL of it.

Your journal is yours and yours only.  You can keep it hidden, have it with you at all times, share it with someone you trust, etc.  Point being, it’s yours to do with as you like.  If you want to keep it private but worry about someone in your home violating your privacy then there are some boundary issues that need to be worked on.

You can write about ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you choose to.  If your not sure where to start, you will find more than a few journal prompts on this site.  I can’t wait to share them with you.




Easier To Express Your True Feelings

Seriously, writing makes it easier to express your true feelings and not leave anything out of fear of hurting others or embarrassment.  I mean, think about it.  This especially rings true if you are journaling in recovery.  Some of us care way too much what other’s think about us or what we say.

Here’s an example.  You hear all the time about cyberbullying and shit like that.  It’s because you are hidden behind a computer screen.  You do not have to physically look a person in the eyes and tell them something.  That’s why there is so much drama and trash talk on social media.  It’s not a face to face confrontation.

So, when you are writing.  You don’t have to look at anyone, see the expressions on their face, worry about someone judging you.  Technically, you are writing to your conscious.  There is no need to have a filter, be shy, or hold anything back.  You can explain the most horrendous events in your life.  Just as you can explain the moment that you were the happiest.  You can talk about your addiction, recovery, mental health, family issues, relationships, criminal activities, real feelings, secrets, thoughts, ideas, dreams, goals, and the list goes on and on and on.

Journaling in recovery is for you as a clear-minded, emotional individual to have a thorough brain dump and then go back through the pages, examining yourself, and gaining a new perspective on the remarkable, creative, amazing, badass individual that you are.

Here's Why Journaling In Recovery Is Super Badass!

Make It Your Own

This is one of the coolest things about journaling in recovery.  You pick a journal and make it EXACTLY how you want it.  Not what someone else wants.  It’s yours.  You can write in it, draw, color, or cover it in pics and magazine cutouts.  You can make your journal a scrapbook if you want.

There are so many different things you can use for creating a journal.  It can be expensive or absolutely free.

  • Notebook
  • Three Ring Binder
  • Diary
  • Completely homemade, recycled booklet
  • A leatherbound journal

The list can go on forever.  Here are a few of my favs.  The last two are steampunk journals.  A steampunk journal just looks like an intriguing book that holds deep, dark secrets.  Although, everyone of these journals is perfect and I just know you’ll love them.

The Perfect



Personally, I love blank journals.  That way I have an empty book to start with and can fill it up in any way I desire.  Remember, there is no specific way to journal.  It is all about what works for you!


Personal Therapy

We know that journaling is therapeutic but, I look at my journal as my own personal therapist.  I can tell it whatever I want and it does not judge me on my actions, feelings, writing style, grammar, or anything.  Whatever I want to put in that book is PERFECT!

Not to mention, when I’m done writing, I read over it.  So, in that sense, I become my own therapist.  It’s a way that I feel in control and can help myself.  When I read what I wrote, it becomes clearer. Then, I am able to decipher how to act or react to whatever the situation was.  It’s awesome.  True, sometimes I read what I wrote and I think “Damn that bitch is crazy as hell”.  I laugh at myself and realize just how damn stupid I was for being upset over something so silly.  Or maybe it makes it clear that I need to eliminate a person, place, or thing from my life or they will cause me drama.  I hate drama.

Journaling in Recovery scrap paper


Simply, there is no other way to put it.  Everything I just told you is why I feel that journaling in recovery is simply badass.  It’s personal, sparks your creativity, and truly lets you evaluate and access your self.  It’s inspirational, motivational, and deeply satisfying.  Not to mention, having your own journal is an essential part of your Sober Toolbox.

Now all that’s left to do is get a journal, a pen or pencil, and get writing.  You will be so excited when your life, your mind, your soul and everything about you finally starts to make sense.

If you need some help getting started, check out ALL of these journal prompts.

*** Just in case you do not want a blank journal and are looking for an actual recovery journal.  I have handpicked some of the best choices available and at the cheapest price.  Oh, how I love Amazon.  Scroll down a bit and you will find 4 of the best ever recovery journals.  Simple and sweet. ***

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