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How To Stop Making Excuses For Your Past Mistakes

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Everyone’s made an excuse in their life and if you’re shaking your head refusing to acknowledge it, then you need this article.

You have to own up to your bullshit if you want to improve your life. Here is how to stopstop making excuses for your bullshit. #overcomeobstacles #wreckageofthepast #personalgrowth #planyourfuture #addictionrecovery

People often say that the first step to take when solving a problem is to admit there’s a problem in the first place. If you don’t admit you have made mistakes, then you’re not going to be able to move on–it’s really that simple. I

You need to stop making excuses and pretend that you’re the perfect human being, you’re going to get nowhere in life.

Stop making excuses for your past mistakes and own up to it before you go off the deep end.

Everyone’s made an excuse in their life and if you’re shaking your head refusing to acknowledge it, then you need this article.

Why do people make excuses?

First, let’s explain why people actually make excuses in the first place.

  • Afraid to fail
  • Don’t want to admit you fucked up
  • Have not defined your goals
  • Fear of the unknown
  • Self-preservation
  • Being compared to other people for similar actions

Fear of Failure

Firstly, failure. No one wants to fail, but every successful person in the world understands that failure paves the way to success.

If you don’t fail a couple of times in life, you won’t know how to change. You need to know failure in order to avoid it and you have to be able to let go of the past.

Don’t Want To Screw Up

No one wants to make a mistake and screw something up. If that’s you then you will lie to protect your own reputation. God forbid, you fuck up.  Really?

Stop looking as screwing up by making a mistake as a complete and utter failure. Instead, think of it as another lessoned learned. That way, you are less likely to repeat it.

No Real Goals

Do you have a plan for the future? Maybe you don’t quite understand what you want from life.

If so, you make excuses.

For instance, people often confuse “getting healthy” with “losing weight”. Losing weight should be seen as a positive byproduct of having a healthier lifestyle, not the end goal. Your goal should be to learn to love your body and treat it well.

See what I mean? You need to have clear, defined, S.M.A.R.T. goals.

Fear of the Unknown

People are also scared of the unknown.  Almost everybody is.  I am. If you knew what happened for sure when your time was up. Would you be afraid to die? Probably, not.

Some worry about what’s just around the corner.

Do you hate thinking even a week into the future and they want to live every moment in the now? That’s perfectly fine, but it also makes you afraid of trying something new.

It puts fear into you and prevents you from stepping outside of your comfort zone, which is a key component in self-development.


Lastly, there is self-preservation. In other words, the need to protect yourself from difficult situations. Imagine yourself being compared to a sibling who’s had more success than you, or perhaps being put against a peer and having your achievements laid out for all to see and compare.

No one likes that shit, but you need to realize that you live for yourself, not for someone else.

Now that we know why people make excuses, let’s look at how to stop making excuses for past mistakes.


Are you ready to move on from your past? First you must own up to your mistakes and stop making excuses. Here's how...#recovery #pastmistakes #lessonslearned #fightyourdemons #survivor #overcomer #moveon #addictionrecovery

How To Stop Making Excuses

If you are a person that makes excuses then pinpoint the exact reason why. Look above if you need help. Now keep reading to find the best and most useful ways to stop making mistakes so, you can finally move forward.

Yes, it can be that easy. Really.

No more messing around

If you’re serious about wanting to stop making excuses for your past mistakes then, you need to stop messing around.

Life isn’t unlimited and no matter how much time you think you have, it’s not forever. It can and will run out sooner than you expect.

Stop making excuses and start doing something to reach your goals in life or you’ll end up with a life full of regret.

Know what you need to do

Everyone knows what they need to do in order to succeed–it’s just a matter of applying that knowledge practically.

For instance, if you want to get healthier, then it’s time to cut out those bad foods and replace them. Whether it’s replacing sugary drinks with the best sparkling water or cutting out sweets. You must take action.

If you know drugs are going to make you hit rock bottom then, go to rehab. Get the help you need. Once again take action.

Take your own advice

We’ve all been in this position before. A friend of ours comes to us with a problem and we give them some advice.

After all, it’s easier to give someone advice when you get an outside look at their situation.

Sadly, people rarely apply that information to themselves and, as a result, we end up making dumb mistakes and forming excuses that we’d otherwise find to be ridiculous.

Start taking your own advice and listen to that inner critic in your head–you’ll be surprised at how effective this is.
Try to stop making excuses about your past mistakes. Own it, learn from it and know you got this and you will be just fine. #unjunkiefied

Challenge yourself

People don’t just learn from reading books and sitting idle. You learn from getting your hands dirty.

Instead of being content with what you have, always challenge yourself. Find new ways to practice the knowledge you’ve studied, look for ways to learn something difficult, step out of your what you’re used to and put yourself in uncomfortable situations.

Be uncomfortable so, you can learn, adapt and ultimately become a better version of yourself.

Stop Making Excuses Recap

First, know WHY you keep making mistakes and refuse to own up to it rather than admit it and move on.

Once you are aware of why you do it. You can stop doing it.

When you stop messing around and get serious, there is less time for bullshit. You have a straight focus with your goal in mind. Making excuses are not even part of the equation. You know what you need to do to and you WILL do it.

Learn to listen to yourself. After all, you know your self-best. Trust your gut instinct.

Finally, you got to get out there and challenge yourself.  If you play it safe, you are less likely to make mistakes but, you won’t be satisfied.

You got to get out there and get dirty so you can grow. Be the badass you are. Then, you will own your mistakes and learn from them with no problem.

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