How To Refocus In Addiction Recovery Using Healthy Distractions

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Learn healthy coping skills with necessary distractions you CAN use to refocus in recovery. Here are a few to get you started.

It can be tough to refocus in recovery after having been an addict for so long. Withdrawing from something which you have been relying on for a long time is never an easy thing to do.

Relapsing can be an easy accidental step to take. A lot of people fall into this trap very early on in their recovery. The reason relapse comes so easy is because recovery requires you to change your life. Most of the time that means a complete lifestyle change.

So, you need to keep yourself away from the old habits you’re trying to escape. That is NOT something that we want to do.

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To help you out with the whole process, this post will give you some new areas to focus on in life. Giving you an easy distraction from the shit you are struggling with.

Refocus In Recovery Using These Healthy Distractions

Don’t dwell on your past relapse or relapses. Look at those past times as lessons to learn from so that you don’t make a similar mistake again.

Here are some great ways to refocus in recovery to make it nice and easy to keep yourself on the right path.

Before you get started, pin the image to read this post later. It’s valuable info with some amazing links to help you to refocus in recovery so you can create the sober life you really want.

In sobriety and constantly having negative thoughts running through your mind? Need coping skills? To get over it all? Read on to discover 6 healthy distractions to use when recovering from addiction and you need to refocus in recovery. #mindset #focus #sobriety #soberlife #recoveringaddict #addictionrecovery #substanceabuse #copingskills

Health & Fitness

Keeping yourself fit and healthy is one of the best aims to have in life. Especially, in a sober life after abusing your body for so damn long.

Your physical health and fitness is something you can work on and enjoy each day, without the risk of harming yourself. This makes it perfect for anyone who needs a healthy distraction to keep thoughts of their life in addiction out of their mind.

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In sobriety, people want to lose weight. You gain a few pounds getting clean and reminisce about how skinny and hot you THINK you were in addiction.

You can find out about some common diet differences here, such as the keto diet in addiction recovery. Once you start to do research, you are going to love it.

Once you become healthier and learn more. You will want to throw yourself into learning about keeping yourself in good shape. Not only will this help to further improve your body, but it will also give you something to think about when bad things are on your mind.

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Get a good book. One that you are totally entranced in. Reading is something that will keep your mind occupied and away from wandering thoughts. It’s the perfect distraction when you are learning how to refocus in recovery to improve your life. Not to mention, lowering your relapse potential.

If you are in early recovery, keep away from books that romanticize drugs and the street scene. From reading books in prison, I had my mind set on still living dirty without using drugs. That was obviously a disaster. These are the best selling books on Amazon to date if you want to take a look. They are pretty damn good.

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Even many addiction memoirs focus more on the addiction and the glamour then the actual recovery. Yet, I will recommend that you read my all-time favorite addiction recovery books. It’s two books in a memoir series by Marni Mann titled, Memoirs Aren’t Fairytales: A Story of Addiction and Scars From A Memoir.

If you are low on cash or want a great deal then, you need to check out Kindle Unlimited Membership Plans. Not to mention, you can borrow one free book a month to read if you belong to Amazon Prime as well. Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial now. If you don’t like Prime, cancel it before you have to pay anything.

It is totally worth it. So that combined with Kindle is hands down, amazing and worth the affordable price.

Journaling For Purpose

Not only is journaling a great tool for coping but, it is also the best self-improvement tool to use yourself, hands down.  Choosing to journal in recovery as your distraction is something you definitely need to do.

Using a recovery journal can help you take your life from nothing to something, a mess to a message, and bad to badass. You become aware of so many things about yourself that you may have never known otherwise. It is a learning tool so you can truly discover who you are and create the perfect life because you know exactly who you are going to become.

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Yes, journaling can do all that. You just got to learn how to use it to your advantage.

I highly suggest you get the free addiction recovery journal that I created myself and use myself. Just sign up directly below.

Journaling can help you recover from your past, become the best you, improve your life, and is a great form of basic self-care. Click here to download your FREE addiction recovery journal that will guide you to change your life for the better in sobriety.

Those You Love

Along with looking after yourself, there are also a lot of people around you who you will probably want to keep safe. Those you love and care about will have a hard time if you’re addicted to something. A non-addict having any type of meaningful relationship with a drug addict is pretty much impossible.

When you find yourself thinking about drugs, you should try to switch those thoughts to the people you care about the most. They can be your driving force in this area. Staying clean for someone you love (kids or husband) can give you the power you need to accomplish the goals you’ve set for yourself.

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A Hobby Or Interest

Everyone has something they enjoy spending their time doing, ranging from sports to crafts, and these can act as a great distraction from thinking about your addiction.

For example, if you like to ride your bike, you could use this activity as a tool to keep yourself far away from your addiction. You will need to work hard to make this sort of interest take precedence over a substance.

A lot of people find that it gets easier to manage this if they throw themselves into their hobby as hard as they can. This gives you the chance to make the things you love into the most important part of your life.

This is both a hobby or extreme interest and pet therapy. This is one of my hermit crab tanks. It’s 75 gallons on the bottom and a 35 gallon as a topper. They are amazing little creatures.  🙂

Pet therapy is extremely helpful when learning to refocus in recovery. Here's an example of how far you can go.#crabitat #hermitcrabs #pettherapy #sobriety #addictionrecovery

Taking Care of A Pet

Who doesn’t love animals?  I am an animal lover to the fullest.  Crazy to a point actually but that’s ok with me.

In early recovery, I had ducks. They are a lot of work and it kept me busy between work and my number one priority, my baby. But I guarantee you to this day that if I didn’t have the ducks to focus my extra time on, my mind would have gone to places that it shouldn’t have.

Taking care of a pet was the right way for me to refocus in recovery. The best way actually.

If you don’t know all the amazing things that pets can do for a human companion. Click on the link below to find out.

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It’s always nice having someone that you know depends on you and loves you no matter what. That is exactly what an animal does whether it’s a cat or hermit crabs.

Yes, I have both. Don’t laugh about the hermit crabs. Everything you think you know is probably wrong. You know they can live 40+ years and those little critter keepers are basically a crab coffin. It’s so sad.

Refocus In Recovery

Hopefully, this post will inspire you to start working harder on your refocus in recovery.

This part of life is something worth dealing with, even if it is going to be a hard process, and these are just a few of the distractions you can use. There are loads of methods which you can use to help yourself and improve your life.

I sure hope I shown you a way to distract yourself from thinking about your past addiction.

Do me a favor and pin this bad boy for later. It’s greatly appreciated.

Are you ready to move on with your sober life and improve yourself? Yet, you can't get your past addiction or lifestyle out of your mind? Read on to discover how to refocus in recovery using healthy distractions. This saved my sobriety. Give it a try. #sobriety #wreckageofthepast #unhealthymindset #recovery #addictionrecovery #copingskills #recoveringaddict


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  1. Alison says

    Some brilliant tips! I gave up booze almost a year ago now. Distractions really helped me, in particular topic related books which I would listen to on audio book whenever cravings struck. Exercise and new hobbies have also been invaluable. Love the hermit crabs!

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