How To Reclaim Your Career In Sobriety

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Is it possible to reclaim your career in sobriety? It all depends. Read on to find out what you must do after addiction recovery to have a meaningful career.


Your career is one of the most important aspects of your life. It has to be. Work provides a means to keep you afloat and gives you something to spend your time on each day.

Without work, it’s difficult to have a productive life. How will you pay your bills, purchases necessities, pay rent or make monthly payments on your home loan? How will you take care of your family? Take care of yourself?

This makes it extremely hard to cope if your career is ever taken away from you. Especially when it’s taken away from you due to your past addiction.

How To Reclaim Your Career in Sobriety

It’s up to you to reclaim your career in sobriety. But how?

Who is going to help you to get back on your feet after a blow like this?

This post will be exploring some of the common causes of this issue, giving you some easy ways to put your train back on the tracks.

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Problems You Can Face At Work

Here is a truth bomb for you and I’m guessing you are already well aware of it.

Even though, you are no longer an addict and have worked extremely hard to secure a life for yourself. Not everyone is going to be accepting of it. Some people may congratulate you on all you have overcome. While others will bring up your past and try to hurt you. It is part of the stigma of addiction. It sucks but it’s reality.

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You are told NOT to lie on any job application and you shouldn’t. But there isn’t a box to check asking if you are a recovering addict or in active addiction. The point I’m trying to make is that there is a time and place for everything. It’s up to you whether or not you disclose your recovery. Depending on the situation, it can help you or it can hurt you.

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Bullying or Mistreatment

While it doesn’t seem like the sort of thing you should have to experience at work, bullying is very real in the workplace. And it can come from all directions. In most cases, it will be other employees which are causing issues, but bosses and managers can also be responsible.

I have seen plenty of women in recovery get bullied by their co-workers who are aware of their past.  Usually, it’s a jealousy issue. Such as a co-worker being upset that you got a promotion or raise and they didn’t. So, your co-worker decides to bad mouth you and bring up your past to try and hurt you.

Another issue I have seen is men that find out a woman used to prostitute to get drugs and even though she left that lifestyle long ago. A man will assume she is easy and he can creep up on her. Watch out for sickos like this and report it immediately.

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Unlike the other problems you can face in your career in sobriety, you probably don’t want your old job back after dealing with bullshit like this. Instead, you should look for a new role, explaining why you left the old one.

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Most jobs in the modern world are very safe. Injuries aren’t usually something you have to worry about but, it can be devastating if they ever impact your life.

If you’re hurt to the extent that you can’t work anymore, and it was a work-related injury then you need to protect yourself. It could be worth booking your consultation with a leading lawyer in the field. This will help you to work towards getting compensation for your loss, making it much easier to find a new way to live your life.

If you had an injury at work and it was during your active addiction, your best bet is to take care of the injury and move on with your career. Don’t go back to a place that is a constant reminder of experiences in the past you would rather forget.

You are the boss of your career in sobriety. Drink it up, girl! You got this!

Small Mistakes

When you’ve had a busy or stressful day, it can be very easy to make small mistakes. Yet, something small could lead to something much larger. For example, miscounting money during a transaction would lose the business money. 

People lose their jobs over small mishaps. If you make constant mistakes in your career, you need to find out why. In this situation, the best action to take will be looking for a role in the same field which doesn’t carry the same sort of risk with it.

Perhaps, you need to look into another career that doesn’t stress you out as much and cause you to get flustered, irritated, or in need to break out your coping skills daily.


Finally, the last area to consider. It’s time to think about genuine underperformance at work. After giving you enough warnings, any boss can get rid of you for this sort of issue, and you probably won’t be able to get your job back.

Instead, you should focus on the areas which were dragging you down. There are loads of online courses out there, and you can use a tool like this to prepare yourself to be thrown right back into a similar role for someone else.

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Out of Options

Finding a suitable career in sobriety is not an easy thing to do.

You are starting over and turning your life around. Picking up where you left off career-wise may not be an option or even something you want to do.

Addiction can cause a lot of damage to our lives. Especially our career path. Not only do addicts go long periods without working but, a criminal record can hurt the chances at pursuing your career of choice.

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Adjustments To Make In Your Career

When it comes to having a career in sobriety, you need to be wise about your choice. The wreckage of the past is there so, adjust accordingly.

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As an opiate addict, working in the medical field may not be the best option for you. So, why not switch it up a bit?

Choose a career that is similar. There’s nothing like turning your mess into a message and there are tons of available opportunities. Especially, with the drug crisis going on right now.

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Career With Purpose

When it comes down to it, depending on your particular situation, you may not want to reclaim your career now that you are clean and serene.

Maybe it’s time for you to find a brand new career in sobriety. You have come a long way from active addiction. You need to find a career that is meaningful and fulfilling. A career with purpose.

The choice is yours. Just know that you DO have options.


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