How To Create Your Own Personal Sanctuary

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We all need a place to call our own. I’m sure you automatically think… Umm excuse me, my house, my apartment, my duplex is ALL MINE!. If you are NOT the only person in the household, you need to be a bit more specific. We all need a place where we can chill, relax, meditate, listen to music, create, read, write, and be inspired.  I don’t mean a meditation space but a space that is YOURS. It has your personal touch, your smell, it’s all you baby. Even if you are the only person in your HOME, one place should be special to you. That does sound good, right? So, let’s get down to business. Here’s how to create your own personal sanctuary.

Create Your Own Personal Sanctuary - A Place Where You Can Be You

We are not creating a man cave. Every badass woman needs her own space to make it happen. Yes, a female version of a man cave. It’s a place that is ALL yours. A place where you can turn shit into sparkles. A perfect reflection of you, your mind, and an area of complete inspiration. Time to create your own personal sanctuary, a woman’s wonderland. 🙂



What room in your house are you going to use to create your own personal sanctuary?

It could be your home office, a den, your bedroom, your version of a man cave, really anywhere. Maybe you live in a small place, where you can’t dedicate an entire room to be your personal sanctuary. What about your desk? A tiny table in your kitchen? A corner of your basement. You know, many people are making offices or personal rooms out of a shed in their yard. I can’t wait to do that myself. For now, I have my own special room that works perfectly for me.

Make sure the area you pick is comfortable for you. If you are anything like me, you will be spending any free moment you have here.

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How To Create Your Own Personal Sanctuary


Make sure you clean the area super good, really good. I suggest that you do a smudging blessing to rid the area of negativity as well.

Do everything in your power to make this place as special and personal as possible.

Here are my two absolute favorite smudging stick sets.



What kind of feel do you want this space to have? Remember, this does NOT have to be your office. It can just be a place you go to reflect and create. You have to decide if you want it to have a get shit done atmosphere or calm and therapeutic?

Do you want it to get you pumped up? Or have a vintage style?

If you need some help on choosing the overall feel when creating your own personal sanctuary, there is a shit ton of ideas on Pinterest.

Next, decide on colors to fit the theme and fit YOUR personality. While the two need to go hand in hand. If you choose a nature-inspired theme but hate the colors brown and green, it might not be the best choice. Or you can work it to fit your needs.

Colors are extremely powerful. They can make people feel a certain way and bring forth emotions. The emotional and psychological meanings of colors can make or break your environment.

Remember, don’t just automatically choose your favorite colors. I want you to think about what kind of personality or emotional response you want your personal sanctuary to evoke in you. That’s what your colors should be based upon. I suggest you check out The Colour Personality Infographic. I refer to it quite often. It is definitely worth taking a look at for the purpose of creating your own personal sanctuary.



Furniture has its importance in any room. Once again it depends on the purpose of your personal sanctuary. If it’s totally for relaxation then you may want a lounge chair, cot, recliner, etc. If you will be doing a lot of work in your room then a desk or table and chairs is essential.

For those of you who make your bedroom your personal sanctuary, you obviously have your bed and what other essentials you need.

Two important things to keep in mind.

  1. Do NOT overcrowd your space. You do want your area to be suffocating.
  2. Don’t forget about shelving. This could be shelves on the walls, bins, bookshelves, etc, Be sure to save room for that kinda thing. If you are anything like me, you write and read A LOT. You must keep your books, journals, notepads, papers, and stuff organized! Or you will just end up with piles of scratch paper and notes everywhere in no order that make absolutely NO sense. Yes, I have had that problem quite a few times.
  3. Eliminate any furniture you do NOT need. Keep in mind through all of this that you don’t want to keep any furniture that reminds you of a bad part of your life. Throw it out, give it to charity, or use it as firewood. If there is no chance you can get rid of it. For example, I’m not saying to light fire to your bed. Do a cleansing ritual (hint the white sage smudging sticks above). Buy new sheets. Give a table a fresh coat of paint. Rearrange the furniture so it’s not in the same spot that brings up painful memories. You get what I’m saying.

Inspiration Wall - how to create your own personal sanctuary


I love love love inspiration walls. Your personal sanctuary is well, YOURS. So make sure your badass personality shines through.

An inspiration wall is more or less a vision board or dream board. It doesn’t matter what technical term you use for it. The point of it is to inspire and motivate you. Plus, it can help keep you organized.

If you don’t want to spend any money, you can simply tape or pin inspirational quotes, sayings, in a strategic order on the walls. You can use posterboard, peg boards, etc. Here are a few layouts to inspire you. Get creative.

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This is your own personal woman wonderland so, you need to give it a personal touch. Yet, here are a few things that I think you may want to look into. You know, just to make your personal space as badass as possible.


What woman does not love plants? Even if you are like me and not a very flowery person, plants still kick-ass. I have house plants in almost every room of my house.

Each plant has their own meaning and purpose. Without a doubt, you need a few or several houseplants in your personal sanctuary. This post from The Cottage Market is the ultimate guide to owning houseplants.


A must-have accessory for any room that is a chill zone. Oh my gosh, I first fell in love with salt lamps when my therapist bought one for her office. It just made the office smell so damn good and I would meet her at 6 am so, It was just breaking daylight. The dim light from the salt lamp added a glow to the room that made me fall in love. I have purchased quite a few salt lamps. Without a doubt, the cheapest and best place to order is Amazon. I mean, come on now. Here are the exact two salt lamps that I own right now.

I love both of these because I can hold the individual pieces. Super therapeutic to do so. Another tip from my therapist.

This one sits on my dresser in my bedroom.


Smell good with a purpose. Win-win! From cleaning to mental health, self-care and relaxation, opening your sinuses to a remedy for the common cold – there is an essential oil mixture for EVERYTHING! So, take it from me, an essential oil diffuser is a necessity to create your own personal sanctuary.

If you are clueless about essential oils. Hop on over to this post from MindBodyGreen giving you the 411!

Once again, mine came from Amazon. 🙂 I own the first, third, and fourth. I’m sure I will be getting more. Love them. Plus I hate air freshener. The smell just evaporates in moments. Ugh! Such a hassle.

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Going for a relaxing, therapeutic environment, candles are a must-have. I do have a 2 and 4 yr old so, candles aren’t something that I have just lying around nowadays. Yet if I do have candles, they are similar to this one.


Have a fish tank or a water fountain? Wow… those seem like two somewhat different things. Yes and No. They both make the sound of running water which is the entire point girl!

If you are an animal lover like me, then you will opt for the aquarium. Let’s keep it real, I don’t actually have a fish tank in my sanctuary. I have a 70-gallon crabitat. (hermit crab aquarium). Both their salt water and fresh water pools have running water so I still got the water sound. I love my crabby kids. Yes, I got crabs, 9 to be exact.

If you don’t want to deal with cleaning and feeding animals but still want that therapeutic trickling water you can get a fountain such as the Homedics trickling fountain.  Hmm.. or a noise machine.

Create Your Own Personal Sanctuary - Hanging Candle Holders


Men have man caves. So, why the hell shouldn’t hardcore females like you & I have a place to kick-back and relax,  a creative outlet, or use it, however, we damn well, please. You know what I mean?

The goal here was to get your mind flowing with possibilities. And truthfully, maybe light a fire under your ass to actually create your own personal sanctuary.

Plus, I just had to share these amazing products with you. They have done me well and I wouldn’t give up any of the products I own. They are my own personal therapy. I use them multiple times per day, every day. True story! 🙂

The last thing I want to do is overload you with a ton of info so, you can download this free checklist to use while creating your own personal sanctuary. It will make it super simple.

How To Create Your Own Personal Sanctuary Free Checklist

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One more thing, I said personal sanctuary, she shed, woman’s wonderland, a hardcore hideaway. 😉 What are you going to call your She-Cave? I really want to know!  Comment below!

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