What Not To Do To Get Good Sleep In Addiction Recovery

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In addiction, you didn't get good sleep. In sobriety, you don't get good sleep. What you need is a good night's sleep. Don't do these 6 things to get the rest you need so you can become your best self and work hard. #addictionrecovery #sleepdeprivation #soberlife #sleepapnea #personaldevelopment

I am 110% sure that you are reading this because you are not getting the right kind of sleep in recovery.

Either you are not sleeping at all or you are sleeping way too much. Either way, you feel constantly tired, irritable as hell, and completely exhausted.

Or are you waking up all night long so you have that restless sleep?

No matter what you are going through, the problem is that you are NOT getting a good night’s sleep, EVER.

Sleep In Addiction

In active addiction, you don’t get the right kind of sleep you need.

You are either ripping and running. Dare I say on a crack or cocaine bender?

Or maybe you are getting so fucked up that you sleep non-stop. Then you wake up feeling like shit and just want to go back to sleep.

Once you get clean, you expect to get a good night of sleep in recovery. Yet, you don’t!

Sleep In Addiction Recovery

There are many reasons you are not getting the sleep in recovery that you need.

For starters, if you just got sober, your sleep is going to be messed up through detox. Be ready for that.

Some people can’t sleep what so ever while going through withdrawal. Then, you have those people who sleep non stop through the first 72 hours. Damn, how I used to envy those people and hate them at the same time.

Simply, your body is out of whack and it’s going to take a while to get adjusted.

Yes, your crazy, unnatural, shitty sleep will last even after you detox.

You may have a few of these things going on that will stop you from sleeping well.

  • Restless leg syndrome can go on for months and it disrupts your sleep.
  • Night terrors and using dreams will cause you to be up and down all night long.
  • Chemical imbalances still affecting you.
  • Mental health and physical health issues come into play.

Although, let me assure you, it will not last forever. If you stick with sobriety. You will soon be sleeping like a baby.

To sleep better, you can do these things.

6 Things Not To Do To Get The Sleep You Need In Recovery

Here is what NOT TO DO if you want to get a good night’s sleep.

Drink Caffeine In The Afternoon

Caffeine can be an amazing thing. Drinking it when you truly need it, such as mid-morning. Can give you a boost that pumps you up to get moving and get busy. However, too much caffeine, and especially caffeine later on in the afternoon, can actually be terrible for your sleeping pattern.

Ideally, you shouldn’t drink caffeine based drinks after 3pm. After this time, it can be a good idea to switch to decaf coffee, caffeine-free tea, or if you really need a boost, matcha tea. Bear in mind that some foods contain caffeine too, including chocolate.

If you never drank matcha tea, you are missing out. Here is my favorite and here are other matcha green tea products to try.

Watch TV In Bed

Most people have a TV in the bedroom, but this can disrupt sleep terribly. You only want to associate your bedroom with sleep.

It’s best to read a book in bed instead, as this will help you to wind down. TV can keep your mind awake with the plotlines and cliffhangers, not to mention the light emitted from your device.

If you MUST have some type of light because you are scared of the dark. Don’t laugh, I’m terrified of the dark still. Or if you have to have some kind of white noise then check out the following products.

Personally, I use the Star Sky Night Lamp with a timer to shut off. It puts the stars all over my bedroom. My 2 year old sleeps with me and loves it just as much. The only thing is that it does NOT have white noise which I love because I like peace and quiet and so does my little one. Check it out below. (The first one is the one I have.)


Use Your Phone In Bed

People are rarely away from their phones for long, but using them in bed can be terrible for your sleep hygiene.

Try to keep your phone in another room after a certain time so you have at least an hour to wind down for sleep.

Use a physical alarm clock to wake you up in the morning. If you’re consistent with your bedtimes, you should be able to get up at the same time each day without an alarm eventually.

Drink Alcohol

You might think that alcohol relaxes you, but it is actually a stimulant that can keep you up at night.

Even if you do feel like you sleep well with alcohol, it can mess up your natural circadian rhythms and you will likely find that you then struggle to sleep without it. It can be a very nasty to habit to get into!

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Okay, you know not to drink. Unjunkiefied is a recovery + self-improvement blog but, A LOT of people new to recovery still believe that they can drink just not do drugs.  How many times have you heard in rehab, ALCOHOL IS A DRUG?

Or people talk about having a nightcap. A simple shot, or drink before bed. Yes, if you are piss ass drunk, you will pass out easily but, think about how you will feel when you wake up. I thought I needed to mention that.

Go To Bed At Different Times Every Night

In an ideal world, you should go to bed at the same time each night and get up at the same time each day, even on weekends.

This allows your body to get into a natural cycle so you can fall asleep and wake up naturally.

I usually wake up right before my alarm goes off at 3 a.m.  Even on the weekends. Your body will get into a routine and that’s a good thing.

Work Out Late At Night

Working out is great, but too close to bedtime and you’ll likely find the last thing you want to do is sleep!

Exercising in the morning can make you feel productive for the rest of the day and leave you nice and tired when it’s time for bed.

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Here are a few of my favorite sleepy time products I use to relax and wind down. They really help.

P.S. – I hate eye masks but, the one pictured above is super comfy and affordable. My 2 year old even wears one when I do. Yes, I have two masks just for that reason. lol

P.P.S – Is that right, PPS? Not sure. Anyway, the Hey Girl teas are super AWESOME. Plus, they look cool. You can CLICK HERE to look at all the HEY GIRL tea products.

Get Good Sleep In Recovery

You need to get the sleep you need. The problem is that we all have busy lives. Yet, if you are exhausted, your productivity is shot and you will most likely lay around all day bitching and complaining.

Sleep in recovery is extremely important. A study has shown that recovering addicts who do NOT get enough sleep are more emotional and crave drugs more. So it adds up to be more prone to relapse.  You can read that study, here.

The takeaway from this post is this. GET THE SLEEP YOU NEED IN RECOVERY.

Do me a favor and take a second to pin the below image and tell me how your sleep in recovery is.

Are you in sobriety and still not getting the sleep you need? Read more to find out 6 things NOT to do so you can finally get a good night of sleep in recovery. #personaldevelopment #healthinrecovery #soberliving #sobriety #addictionrecovery #recoveringaddict #sleep #reoveryrelated #goodnight

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