A Beginner’s Guide To Goal Setting Journal Prompts

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This beginners guide for goal setting journal prompts are perfect for those of us that are journaling in recovery. Although, these journaling prompts can be used by anyone who wants to make a future plan.  These goal setting journal prompts are meant to take your mind on a journey of discovery and passion.  This way you can pretty much lay out a plan for how you want to achieve your goals in the new life you have created in recovery.

As people, we grow.  Recovering addicts are no different except we had a lot of changing and growing to do.  And we did it.  We began a new life that is so damn amazing that we don’t want to use drugs.  The need for them has left us.  Now, it’s time for us to get our asses in gear.  We need to have goals, make a plan, and obtain our dreams.  It is possible.  Our addiction was hell but, we learned so many things from it.  We are strong, sensational, absolutely badass people.  Most importantly, we have purpose.  With purpose comes a plan. Execute your plan and achieve your goals.

Hmm?  What am I going to do with my life?  How do I get there?  I feel stuck, what now?  Well, this is how writing in your journal and using goal setting journal prompts will help you do all of that.  Plus more!

There will be more goal setting journal prompts to come.  This is a beginner’s guide so you can see just how much journaling can help in ANY situation.

Set goals by journaling in recovery

The Beginner’s Guide To Goal Setting Prompts


As said, this is a beginner’s guide.  It is broke down into three categories of goal setting journal prompts.  The categories are LOVE, LIFE, and CAREER.  Those are all areas where future goals are needed, both short term and long term.  Remember what Benjamin Franklin said, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.  In other words, you need a plan to reach your goals and if you don’t have a plan.  What goals do you really have?  What do you plan on achieving?

You can have dreams but, is that all you want it to be? A dream.  Uh uh, I don’t think so.  It’s time to do this shit.  We have been down for way too long.  I will reach all of my dreams, goals, and aspirations.  I am hoping that you put in the effort to do the same and this is the first step I want you to take.


As I said, three categories which are love, life, and career.  You can use these prompts however you like.  Use them all, change the words, don’t use all the prompts, etc.  You can use them how you feel will best help you.

Yet, one thing I do want you to do is to answer each prompt in its entirety.  If the prompt is in question form.  Do not give a one-word answer. Write down any and everything that comes to mind.  Use an entire notebook if you want. These goal setting journal prompts require much more explanation and thought than that.

Once you choose a prompt and begin writing, write from the heart.  Even if you stray off topic.  I guarantee that you will still see results.


Of course, I use these prompts and they awaken my mind.  I can realistically set steps to achieve my goals, my dreams, what I want to accomplish in love, life, and career.  Obviously, you need to use them and you think that you need to start journaling.  It is awesome.

There are many successful men and women who journal on a daily basis.  Like anything else, the more you do it, the easier it becomes.  Setting a plan in life is essential for our well being.  Those successful people use many different journal prompts.  Especially, goal setting journal prompts.

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You ready?  Here are the actual prompts broken down into their categories. You can write about the prompt in any way you like.  Yet, if you get stuck or have trouble beginning to write.  I continued into subtopics underneath the actual prompt to help you along.   You come to know yourself better and with that, you learn what you want in life and how to get it.  It’s truly amazing how well this works.


What do you consider a true friend to be?

Does anyone in your life meet those qualifications?

Describe a true relationship you have had in your life, why it meant so much to you, how you lost it, or if you still have it?

Go on to explain the difference between a friend in addiction and a true friend in recovery.

Describe your ideal mate.

Discuss everything, physical appearance, style, likes, dislikes.  Dig deep inside of you when writing this journal entry.

How do you want your partner to treat you?

What type of job do you want them to have? Career?

It is important that they are a recovering addict like you or would you like a person who has never touched a drug.

Explain your worst relationship.

The ups and downs, the arguments, the love, EVERYTHING.  (Our worst relationship tends to be with the person we thought we could change and help)  The person who helped us destroy our life.  I’m not talking about that boy that you went on 2 dates with out of pity and it just sucked.  I’m talking about that guy you drooled about for a decade and broke your heart or left you at the altar.


What is your most productive time of the day and why?

Do you have a routine to start at this time?  If not, why?

Is this your favorite time of the day?

What does being productive mean to you?

The biggest motivational factor in your life.

What gets you going?  Pumps you up to meet your goals?  A person, place, song, a quote, an activity??

Why is this so important to you?

Describe what you love about your life.

The importance of that something. Whether it’s charity work, your family, your children, your work, a hobby.

Explain why you are so damn passionate about it.



Explain your future dreams when you were a child or a teenager.

Did your dreams change?  Why do you think?

How did you change and grow during that time?

Pivotal moments in your childhood, young life that affected your future decisions.

What were your career goals before addiction?

Explain your education, your life, why you chose that career or field.

Talk about the moment that changed it all. How things were before you used and how your job and work ethics changed once you were in active addiction.

Now sober, do you still have the same career goals as you did before addiction?

Can you still pursue your career of choice?

How has drug addiction changed that for you?

The career you want to have and why you want it.

Is it possible?  What do you have to do to get there?

Does it fulfill you?

Is it your dream job?  Everything you have hoped for.

Does your family support you with this career choice?  Why or why not?

Are you selling yourself short?  Setting low goals so that you really have to make no effort in order to reach them?


That should keep you busy for some time.  These journal prompts enable you to take a look at your life, relationships, and career.  After using these journaling prompts, you will be able to see the big picture more clearly.  Determine what goals you have in life and now, you can work on taking the steps you need to reach your goals. You will be able to analyze the situation from an outside view which is extremely helpful.

Click the below image for the free printable download of A Beginner’s Guide To Goal Setting Journal Prompts or just click HERE.

Goal Setting Journal Prompts For Beginners or People New To Journaling

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