Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide for Women In Recovery


No clue what to get a recovering addict for Christmas? Get your last minute holiday shopping done with this holiday guide full of gifts for women in recovery that are meaningful, heart felt and, affordable. Click to find the perfect gift.

This year you handled your holiday Christmas list like a boss. Except for ONE person.

The most difficult person to buy for. A woman in recovery.

What do you buy a recovering addict?

3 Things To Take Into Consideration Before Buying A Gift

Point #1 – No Past Reminders

The last thing you should do is constantly bring up that person’s past.

Think about it.

If you fucked up your life as bad as most addicts do.  Yet, were able to overcome it all. Would you really want someone constantly reminding you of the bad times? How bad you hurt people? What you went through physically, emotionally, and mentally?

I think NOT.

Do NOT go out and buy a ton of NA memorabilia or the big book or get them a shirt that says I’m SOBER now.  (Unless they specifically request one of these items)

Because chances are you are going to open a can of worms. That person is going to have to hold back from clawing your eyeballs out.

I went through this with my mother and actually had to cut ties for the first few years of my sobriety due to her constant nagging, belittling, and ignorant behavior about my past. It was toxic and always ended in a heated argument. Whether it was the holidays, one of my child’s bdays, or just a simple visit.  It was dreadful to deal with and just downright ignorant.

Point #2 – Length of Sobriety

Yes, you must take into account how long the person has been in addiction recovery.

There is a difference between what to get someone in early recovery compared to someone who has been clean for years. Their mental state, triggers, coping skills, and sober life is completely different.

If you don’t know what I mean, here’s an example. There is nothing wrong with giving a person who has been clean for 5 years $100 for Christmas. Money is always a great gift. Now, if your son has been clean for 20 days, handing him $100 is the worst idea possible.  I am 99.99999% certain, he will be calling every drug dealer in a 50-mile radius to see if he can meet them on Christmas day.

Please, don’t do it.

Point #3 Meaningful and Heartfelt

The holidays are a great time to show a person how proud you are of their accomplishments. There are gifts you can purchase or create that let a person in recovery know how much you love them and how amazing they are to you.

Give gifts that show this without straight up saying, I’m glad you’re not a crackhead anymore. Congrats on turning your life around.

That’s probably not the best way to go about it.

Below you will find gift ideas that will help you get the perfect gift that you can be sure will be appreciated.

First, let’s touch on gifts for people in early recovery. Precisely, what to NOT get them. You don’t want a gift that is going to trigger them but a gift that they will actually appreciate.

Gifts for People In Early Recovery

There is a HUGE difference between the mindset of a person in early recovery and a person in long-term recovery.

As mentioned above, you can get people in long-term recovery gifts that you can’t get someone new to sobriety.

ALSO READ: Holiday Gift Guide – Best Kinds of Gifts For People In Early Recovery

The first year is crucial for the newbie. If the person you need to buy a gift for falls in that category then stop reading and click on over to this post specifically made for that situation, Practical Gifts for People In Early Recovery.

Now that we cleared that up, let’s move on to the good stuff.

Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide For Women In Recovery

Giving a bad gift can happen to anybody but, when giving a gift to a recovering addict, it seems so damn tricky. Doesn’t it?

I will help you out and give some great gifts that you can still get in time for Christmas.

Here is your last minute gift guide for women in recovery. Take a second to pin the image below,

Women can be tough to buy for but what about sober women? Finish up your last minute holiday shopping with this Christmas guide of gifts for women in recovery. Actual products that are affordable, meaningful, and make the perfect gifts for recovering addicts starting a new life. #womeninrecovery #recoveringaddicts #giftsforsobriety #soberlifestyle #soberliving #sobergifts #celebraterecovery #giftsforsobriety

Everyone Loves Jewelry

I am not the type of girl who wears jewelry all the time but if I get a ring or necklace that holds special meaning, I don’t take it off unless absolutely necessary.

If you are part of the Unjunkiefied online family, you know I am not involved in NA so I don’t want jewelry to represent that or a necklace that says sober. Come on, I want something real.

These holiday gift ideas of jewelry are for women in recovery like me. A piece of jewelry that will touch their heart and hold emotional value.

Bryan Anthonys

Honestly, I do NOT own any jewelry from Bryan Anthony’s but, I am going to. My husband got me a few items for Christmas that I really really wanted.

Necklaces, bracelets, rings, anklets, and more. Each piece of jewelry tells a story. Choose the piece which best represents your story. Here are a few examples I absolutely love.

Click on the image to go to the site and read it up close. It’s worth it. 🙂

Affordable Jewelry

If you are looking for jewelry with a lower price tag then, you really should check out the thousands of options on Amazon.

Below are a few favs of mine that I suggest you take a look at.  Either as a simple present or stocking stuffers!

FYI – Holiday shipping has been super fast from Amazon. Especially if you’re a member of Amazon Prime. Right now they are offering a special, click the link to get more info. —> Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial. I got a girl elf on the shelf with two little skirts the next day. My 4 yr old was ecstatic and that’s putting it mildly.

Lotus Necklace

The lotus flower is symbolic to the recovery community. Many people get lotus tattoos but, a necklace serves the purpose.

Triangle Opal Necklace

You have to be fearless especially when creating a new life after addiction recovery.

A reminder that when you become fearless, life becomes limitless.Born Again Necklace

Addiction killed us, Recovery recreated us. Now in life after addiction recovery, we are reborn. Able to create a new life, a fulfilling life. Just remember, no matter what happens, each day is a new day.

That is one reason I find this necklace to be one of the best holiday gifts for women in recovery. Also, it’s a gift given just in time for the new year and a new start.

Clothing for Kick-Ass Women

What woman does not like to get clothes?

Winter clothes are my all time favorite. A comfortable hoodie, warm leggings, my winter boots, a beanie, and I’m ready for the day.

Beautiful Disaster is my absolute favorite clothing brand and what originally got me hooked was the Stronger Collection.


The saying should be a recovering addict’s motto: WHAT DOESN’T KILL YOU MAKES YOU STRONGER.

Just click on the images to go directly to the product.

Always use the discount code NEWYOU at checkout to get 15% off your ENTIRE order.

FYI – Right now the Stronger Tee is ON SALE for $19.95. Use my code NEWYOU and get an additional 15% off. Score!

Plus, there are even more products from the Stronger Collection such as mugs, totes, tanks, and more.


“The Fire Inside Me Burns Brighter Than The Fire Around Me”

Any woman who has overcome their addiction and their past is a total badass. The Phoenix Collection describes this perfectly. Women in recovery rise from the ashes to become a phenomenal force.

Flaunt Your Hot Body in Addiction Recovery with the perfect hoodie. The Phoenix rising hoodie from Beautiful Disaster #womeninrecovery #beautifuldisaster #perfectlyimperfect #flawsome #soberliving #soberbadass #affiliatelink

This collection includes zip hoodies (pictured above), pullover hoodie, yoga pants, and a long sleeve fitting shirt.

Practice self-care basics including looking good. It makes you feel your best. Show the world all you have overcome and how you are proud of your fresh start. You have been given a second chance. Show how you have become the best you with the Phoenix Collection from Beautiful Disaster. #selfcarebasics #rebelstyle #overcomer #sruvivor #soberlife #badassbabe #bdrocks #affiliate #improveyourself #bestyou #besetlife

Gift Cards

Truthfully, I could show you the entire Beautiful Disaster site right now. Their clothing brand is meaningful and represents women who have fought hard, struggled, and overcame their demons.

It truly is an amazing brand. If you can’t decide on which item to get or don’t know the size then, this is perfect for you. A Beautiful Disaster gift card.

Plus, just for the holidays, there is a special on gift cards. $5 off a $25 gift card, $10 off of a $50 gift card, $20 off a $100 gift card, and $40 off a $200 gift card. Now that’s a deal. Get it while you can.


Easily one of the best ideas as gifts for women in recovery. A Beautiful Disaster gift card, click the image and at checkout enter the code GIFTCARD20 for your 20% OFF. Only lasts until midnight on Christmas Day! #bdrocks #unjunkiefied #clothingfortheperfectlyimperfect #rebelstyle #soberliving #soberbadassery #womeninrecovery #giftsforrecoeringaddicts #holidaygiftideas #affilaitelink #giftcard

Plan Your New Life

Now if a planner seems like a stupid gift to you, let me tell you, it’s NOT.

Recovering addicts spent their active addiction in chaos, disorder, and without rules. While to some that may sound like a life of freedom, it’s not the cakewalk you would like to think.

Once in recovery, a person needs a sense of stability, security, and structure. Even in long-term recovery.

What better way to do that than with a planner? Here are a few of my top choices.

The Vision Book Planner

This planner is to help you create a plan for your life based on what you envision your future to be like. It is a guided planner that helps you get clear on your purpose, your passion, and what you truly want out of life.

The Morning Sidekick Journal

Did you know that the most successful people in life, wake up and journal each morning? No lie, from Oprah Winfrey to Bill Gates.

Having a morning routine, daily habit tracker, and a plan for the day increases your chance for success. I started a morning routine. Actually, I am up at 3 am every morning to start my day in peace and get work done before the monsters arise.

2019 Freedom Planner

The Freedom Planner is awesome for people who need bright vibrant colors, stickers, and words to keep their attention.

This planner is more than a day to day to do list. Monthly, weekly, yearly, and daily spreads. We talked about how women in recovery or any recovering addict needs structure. The Freedom Planner focuses on 3 main areas, accountability, goal setting, and time management. Plus, it hits on other areas so together you can create your best life.

I don’t know about you but, it sounds pretty dang good to me. lol Even though I could do without the pink.

FYI – NONE of these planners have a single thing to do with addiction recovery or sobriety. If you are looking for a Sober Life Plan, you won’t have to wait much longer. I am in the process of creating one to be ready for you to kickass in 2019. If you want on the waiting list, sign up below.

Knowledge is Power

There are some very good books out there that will make great affordable gifts for women in recovery. Just be careful about what you choose.

Also Read: 11 Must-Read Books That Will Change Your Life

I don’t particularly like many addiction memoirs. 99.9% of them are about the person’s addict, glorifying the hell they went through and drug use. Then, they get sober and live the perfect life. WTF? Bullshit. It’s not quite that easy.

I will recommend a few books and include their links below. But I suggest you read this post, 11 Must-Read Books That Will Change Your Life for some extremely good books for women in recovery, including a couple memoirs. Just a couple but, they are insanely good.

Start Where You Are

I really enjoyed this book. It’s a guided journal for self-exploration and discovery. Changing your life significantly as you do in sobriety is a scary thing. You discover yourself all over again. This journal was worth every penny.

A Personal Mission Statement: Your Roadmap to Happiness

I am HUGE on personal mission statements and personal manifestos. Anything similar to these things.

ALSO READ: How To Create A Personal Manifesto In Addiction Recovery

If you don’t know what a personal mission statement is or have one of your own. You NEED to get this book. In my opinion, this book is one of the most important gifts for women in recovery or any recovering addict. Anyone creating a new life after addiction recovery needs to have their OWN personal mission statement.

Symbolic Gifts

I mentioned before how the lotus flower is used often in recovery from substance abuse and other areas of life because of what it means. It represents something beautiful that came from something not so nice.

Think about different symbols and what they represent and how it can make one of the best gifts for women in recovery. I am going to give you 2 amazing examples.


Elephants represent strength, survival, wisdom, power, and dignity. All values that recovering addicts share.


If you don’t know about the semi-colon symbol in recovery then you need to do your research.

While it is a huge symbol in suicide prevention and mental illness recovery, It’s widely used in addiction recovery too. Simply it means that the story isn’t over yet.

Getting The Best Gifts For Women In Recovery

I hope you got what you needed out of this gift guide.

I could go on and on and on but, the best gifts are gifts from the heart.

There will be more gift guides to come so, keep coming back.

Before you go, share the image below so others can take care of their last-minute gifts for women in recovery and Happy Holidays!

If you are clueless what to buy the recovering addict you love for the holidays then click to read this post. This is the last minute holiday guide full of meaningful gifts for women in recovery. Don't waste anymore time, check it out now. #soberliving #soberlifesetyle #soberholidays #hoidagygiftguide #lastminutegifts #giftsforwomeninrecovery

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