Holiday Gift Guide: Best Kinds of Gifts for People In Early Recovery

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Is your loved one new to addiction recovery? What do you get them for Christmas? There are many things to consider when purchasing a gift for a person in early recovery. If you have this problem, keep reading and find the best kinds of gifts for people in early recovery. #holidaygiftguide #practicalgifts #recoveringaddicts #earlyrecovery #sobriety #soberholiday #wellnessinspiredgifts #inrecovery

Let me guess. You are super excited. It’s the holiday season and your loved one is finally sober. But you have NO clue as to the best gifts for people in early recovery.

Well, keep celebrating their sobriety because this is a complete holiday gift guide covering every part of buying gifts for people who are new to addiction recovery.

But, before we dive into the best gift options, let’s discuss a few important factors.

What is considered early recovery?

I will keep it simple instead of overwhelming you with the exact amount of clean time to qualify.

A person new to addiction recovery is in the first 90 days. Meaning they have been completely sober with no slip-ups for 1 to 90 days.

Early recovery is when a person has been completely sober and maintaining their sobriety for up to a year. So if your loved one is in the first year of being sober and trying to fix their life then this is the exact gift guide you need.

What To Consider Before Buying A Gift

Shopping for a recovering addict can be fun and rewarding. Who wouldn’t love buying meaningful gifts for a loved one who is turning their life around for the better.

Yet, pump your breaks for a second.

There is a HUGE difference in gift selections for a person who’s been in recovery for years and say, a person who has been sober for 60 days. That being said, here are a few things I need you to know.

Point #1 – Emotions

Early recovery is a time where emotions run high, feelings both good and bad are all over the place.

People in early recovery aren’t used to life being like this and handling it is even harder. They feel like a hot mess.

Point #2 – Cash Money

The majority of those new to addiction recovery are broke or were well on their way there. Having something of monetary value is an instant trigger for relapse. You don’t want to get them a gift that will make Christmas the day they relapse.

Point #3 – Boost Wellness & Happiness

The best gifts for people in early recovery are gifts that will help them to improve themselves. Emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually.

But remember, don’t overwhelm them and constantly remind them to stay clean. (It really is irritating and sets a person new to sobriety off.)

Point #4 – Rehab Is Just The Beginning

If your loved one just got out of inpatient rehab, don’t think the worst part is over. It doesn’t matter if it was a 28-day rehab or a 6-month inpatient program, their recovery journey is only beginning.

In rehabs and other inpatient programs, the recovering addict is safe, secure, and has structure. Once out in the real world, things can get messy quick. Triggers fly at them left and right. They can get that “just one more time” mentality.

What Gifts Not To Get People In Early Recovery

A person in early recovery is in their first year of maintaining sobriety. This is a time where emotions run high, feelings both good and bad are all over the place, almost anything can trigger a relapse, and can feel like a mess. It’s different. People in early recovery aren’t used to life being like this and handling it is even harder.

All of that being said, do NOT get the following things for a recovering addict in their first year of sobriety.

  1. Cash – Do I really need to explain why?
  2. Gift cards – Can be exchanged for cash or drugs.
  3. Jewelry or electronics – Can you say pawn shop?
  4.  Really anything that can be exchanged, sold, or returned is a HUGE no.

Once again, people in early recovery are typically broke. The second you give them cash or ANYTHING that has monetary value, it can and will probably be their downfall. That person will be calling every dealer they know in a 50-mile radius seeing if they can deliver on Christmas Day.

If the recovering addict has a car, I guarantee you that within the hour of receiving any cash, they will have an excuse to leave the house. Seriously. Even on Christmas.

I’m pretty sure you have a good idea of what NOT to get someone in early recovery. As well as, why you shouldn’t.

So let’s talk about the most practical, gifts you CAN get for someone in early recovery. A gift they will cherish and truly value.

Must-Read Guide To Practical Gifts for People In Early Recovery

Baffled on what to buy your loved one who is newly sober? You don't want to trigger him or upset her or worse yet, be the cause of a relapse. This must-read guide will help you buy the perfect practical gift for people in early recovery. You got this. Click to read more. #recoveringaddict #newlysober #earlyrecovery #recovery #giftguide #giftsforsobriety #relapseprevention #

When choosing the best gift for someone in early recovery, you want a wellness-inspired gift.

A gift that will improve their new life in sobriety.

A gift that will invoke wellness, happiness, and provide them with sober value.

Let’s discuss what thing will make great, meaningful gifts that will without a doubt, bring value to their new found sober life.

Since pretty much any and every material possession is out of the question, here are some heartfelt suggestions.


If the person you love is new to recovery and really trying to start over and get it together, then paying a month’s rent for them would be an awesome gift. Or if they are in a sober living facility, paying their rent for a month.

Either way, it would help them out tremendously giving them another 30 days to breathe and not have financial woes. Without, handing them the money.

2. Bills – Utilities – Phone

If rent is a bit much, how about a bill. Get a utility turned on their new apartment or if they are in a sober living place, buy them a new cell so they have NONE of their old contacts and can start fresh putting new sober support in their phone.

3. Clothes

It’s always nice to start the new year and new life off with a fresh outfit or comfy hoodie.

My suggestion is order it online so that you pay for it and get something they can’t take back to a store. Keeping the triggers low.

You can check out my favorite online store, Beautiful Disaster for women and Handsome Devil for men.

Their clothing has a powerful message that is absolutely PERFECT for recovering addicts. They will make meaningful gifts for people in early recovery.  Click the image below to go there now and use my discount code NEWYOU at checkout to save 15% on your order. Even if you only get one item. It kicks ass.

Beautiful Disaster Clothing has a strong and powerful message behind their brand. It's a message of strength, survival, heroics, and overcoming your past. Use Unjunkiefied's discount code NEWYOU to save your hard earned money on clothing that is meaningful and represents you. #beautifuldisaster #bdrocks #perfectlyimperfect #whatdoesntkillyoumakesyoustronger #unjunkiefied #badpasttobadass #soberlife #addictionrecovery #sobriety

4. Food

How about stocking their fridge with food for a month? Everyone needs to eat and when you’re broke and trying to get it together, you might not even have the bare essentials in your kitchen.

5. Stress Relief

When is the last time you spent a day relaxing with your loved one that is new to recovery? Chances are it’s been a while.

Treat them to a massage or a spa day. Something that will reduce their stress levels since early recovery is an extremely stressful time for them.

6. Hobbies

The last thing I will suggest as a gift for someone in early recovery is to get them involved in something. They need a hobby, especially in the early stages of recovery to distract them from “bad” things.

You can buy them classes for yoga, karate, MMA, a gym membership, or even a pet.

7. Flowers

Guys might not like flowers. However, you know your loved one better than me. But, I guarantee you if you need a cheaper gift for a friend in early recovery that is female, flowers are PERFECT.

Get flowers that are meaningful for that person. Different flowers represent different things and yes, there are flowers that represent recovery. To find the perfect flowers as a gift for people in early recovery, you can go to Hugo which has a great selection and is sure to boost their mood.

8. Creative Gifts

An increasing number of studies are showing that when it comes to wellness, creative gifts tend to have incredible benefits. Not to mention, recovering addicts are some of the most creative people ever. Whether it be writing, painting, drawing, etc.

If you are going to treat a loved one to a gift that will aid their wellness, choosing this route could be one of the greatest gifts for people in early recovery.

The options are endless. You can get them a painting course, a relaxing coloring course, or something else entirely. It doesn’t matter. Just as long as the creative gift allows them to relax. Ultimately, it can help them to enjoy a happier and more fulfilling life.

Arts and crafts have been proven to be highly beneficial for wellness, which is what makes these kinds of gifts so effective.

You Got This!

I hope this holiday guide helped you. It can be hard choosing a gift for someone newly sober. Whether it’s a loved one or simply a friend you care about. Holidays should not be the time for daunting tasks and worrying about how your gift can mentally affect a person in early recovery.

So now that you have got this squared away, do me a favor. Tell the person you know in early recovery to sign up to be part of Unjunkiefied’s online family of recovering addicts who are ready to create a new life after addiction recovery.



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