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Simple Every Day Basic Self-Care

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Taking care of yourself is one of the most important parts of recovery but work on implementing self-care basics instead of all the extra. Keep it simple and keep it easy.

I know what you are thinking. Oh no, not another self-care post. If you read any blogs or frequent Pinterest then without a doubt, you have seen hundreds, if not thousands of self-care posts in the last few months.

I feel like everywhere I look, another article about self-care is popping up. From off the wall self-care practices to self-care for overworked, overstressed stay-at-home moms.

Don’t take what I’m saying the wrong way. There is no doubt that self-care is extremely important but, isn’t that common sense?

Time for a truth bomb

People get stuck in ruts, get overly busy, and don’t always take the time to do the things they should. I’m sure you have been in a similar situation, I know I have.

Or you simply feel like shit, no motivation, no strength, and you just want to mope and be miserable. Yes, I have those days as well.


If any of that is going on in your life, the last damn thing you are trying to do is practice simple, every day, basic self-care.

I mean, it might make you feel better and who wants that? (Yes that was sarcasm)

Let’s move on to the very simple, every day basic self-care that we need to be doing. Implementing basic self-care can prevent us from getting stuck in that awful downward spiral.

Implementing basic self-care can prevent us from getting stuck in that awful downward spiral. Click To Tweet

Self-Care Basics Matter

You want to be the best, most badass version of you, right?

Constantly we are reading about how self-care is super important and IT IS! Yet, instead of trying to implement new self-care ideas. Here’s a thought? Why don’t we make sure that we are doing basic self-care?

Think about it for a second.

Why do the extra when you are not even doing the essential?

Don't do EXTRA, EXPENSIVE self-care when you are NOT even doing everyday self-care basics. Think about it. #selfcare #backtothebasics #recovery #simplelife #selfcarebasics #selfimprovement #betteryourself Click To Tweet

What is self-care to you?

For some, it is going out and getting your hair done or having a spa day with the girls. For others, it is going on their dream vacation or indulging in a dozen homemade brownies.

We are so worried about the newest, latest, coolest self-care trend that many people don’t take the time to practice simple, every day, self-care basics.

As women, we get so caught up in celebrities, the idea of being perfect, supermom, being the best and trying to show others that we have our shit together. When most of the time, we really don’t.


We get all dolled up on our day off to complete our ever-growing to-do list that we forgot to take a shower that morning or even the night before. Our contacts have been left in for 2 weeks, and our bedroom looks like a nuclear bomb exploded.

So, while we look put together on the outside and take the time to look the part. The truth of the matter is that on the inside, we are falling apart.

So, while we look put together on the outside and take the time to look the part. The truth of the matter is that on the inside, we are falling apart. #selfcarebasics #improveyourlife Click To Tweet

The self-care basics that you do every single day are supposed to be simple and routine. Something you do without even thinking. Not doing basic self-care affects our overall well-being. Our physical health, mental health, and spiritual health are all in jeopardy.

So, how do you fix it? How do you make sure you practice basic self-care so that you can improve your life from the inside out?


Obviously, the answer is to START WITH THE BASICS.

Do yourself a favor and pin this post to come back to. It’s worth reading now and again.

Choosing to start over requires a lot of work on your part. Make it easy and begin by taking care of yourself. Start with self-care basics instead of adding in all the extra, unnecessary nonsense. #fixyourlife #selfcare #startover #freshstart #newbeginnings #recovery #sobriety #self-care #selfcarebasics #selfcare


The simple, basic self-care you practice on a daily basis is nothing more than living a healthy lifestyle. It’s fulfilling your everyday needs.

Do you take care of your self daily?

Are you meeting your own needs?

How about taking care of your family’s needs?

Now, you may think that this stuff is common sense but, I guarantee, GUARANTEE that you slack on one or more of these things way more often than you realize.


Starting with the first thing.


It should be no surprise that the majority of Americans are not getting enough sleep. There are much more important things to be doing than taking care of ourselves.


Do you really wonder why you can’t seem to keep it together? Or maybe when things are going great, you can’t seem to keep it up.

The solution to those problems is SLEEP.

It is said that the average adult should get 7-8 hrs of sleep per night.  Well, my friend, that has been changed to 10 hrs a night due to how overworked we actually are.

Here are some of my all-time favorite bedtime accessories. It’s paradise.



Are you mocking me right now? Laughing about how it’s obvious that you need to bathe every day but most people don’t.

Actually, it is normal to take a shower every other day if you don’t get dirty every day. Although, there are two things that YOU MUST DO EVERY SINGLE DAMN DAY.

  1. Wash your face. Be sure to remove your makeup before you go to sleep.
  2. Wash your junk.


Check out these accessories to wash your ass on Amazon. Super affordable.

3. SMILE 🙂

Do your dentist a favor? Floss and brush twice a day, every single day.

As your dentist says, you only have one set of teeth so you need to take care of them. Not to mention, if you practice proper dental hygiene then your breath won’t be stinking.

Plus, being able to flash a smile full of bright pearly whites makes you super confident. Very true! While you’re at it, you need to check out the best electric toothbrushes of 2018. They are amazing!

Here are super cool dental hygiene whitening products you need to be using. 



For people like you and me, the most important thing we can do to take care of ourselves is to recover from the bullshit that destroyed our life in the first place. The drugs, the abuse, your past demons.

Self-care could be therapy, journaling, meditation, or anything that allows you to come to terms with your bad past.

Psst, if you don’t have the Get Your Shine On Journal yet, download it for free right here. It’s a great form of self-care that can help you recover and become a better you, the best you.

Journaling can help you recover from your past, become the best you, improve your life, and is a great form of basic self-care. Click here to download your FREE addiction recovery journal that will guide you to change your life for the better in sobriety.


Whether you love to be girly and wear dresses or you are a t-shirt and jeans kinda gal. It doesn’t matter. Even if you work at home or have a day off, get dressed every day.

Don’t lounge around in your pajamas. That does nothing but make you feel tired and shitty. This a bit of personal experience. Ok, I have a problem with this and I am miserable all day when I do it. ?

Even if you throw on a pair of leggings, shirt, and throw your hair up into a messy bun. Changing out of your PJs will always make your day better.

If you really want to show the world what you are made of and all you have overcome, click here or on the image below. You have risen from the ashes, FLAUNT IT, GIRL!

Practice self-care basics including looking good. It makes you feel your best. Show the world all you have overcome and how you are proud of your fresh start. You have been given a second chance. Show how you have become the best you with the Phoenix Collection from Beautiful Disaster. #selfcarebasics #rebelstyle #overcomer #sruvivor #soberlife #badassbabe #bdrocks #affiliate #improveyourself #bestyou #besetlife

Plus, Beautiful Disaster hoodies and pants are so damn comfortable. Trust me, my closet is packed full of BD apparel!  I’m a huge fan if you haven’t noticed.



Who hasn’t heard that one? While having sweets every so often is perfectly fine. You still need to mind what you eat.

Your food gives you energy. If you put nothing but pure junk into your body then you are going to end up looking and feeling just the same. Like total junk!

Don’t forget that your body needs water. Drink it up.



Not everyone follows an exercise routine which isn’t necessarily a problem. But you can’t just lie around on the couch all day binge-watching Netflix.

Even if you take the dogs for a walk each day, DO SOMETHING! The more you lie around, the more tired you become.

So, if you are ever feeling down, get out of the house for a bit. Once you get up and moving, I guarantee you will feel better.

If you don’t want to walk. Spend 15 minutes each day, dancing naked around your living room. Play duck, duck goose with your kids. It doesn’t matter what it is as long as you bust a move!



As kids, we were taught from an early age to clean up our mess before we start on something else. The same principle applies to adults. Dead serious.

If your room, office, or your home is nothing but clutter. Your life will feel the same. A big mess.

Keeping things tidy is a form of self-care. It makes you a more positive person overall.

Here are some Amazon items, I personally use to keep my home clean + serene.

9. Simple Routines

How can a routine be considered self-care? Well, let me explain.

To go along with the above self-care practice of cleaning up – Each night you should tidy before you go to bed. Don’t leave a sink full of dishes, set the coffee pot, and have things ready to go in the morning.

It takes 5 minutes to do this. You will feel so much better and be able to start the day off right if your morning runs smooth. Keep the chaos away. Then, in the morning, have a simple routine to start your day.

Easy, peasy! There is no better way to stay organized and motivated.

10. Write Everday


If you don’t follow Unjunkiefied on Pinterest, do so now by clicking RIGHT HERE. and you will find a lot of journal prompts to help you out. That is just how super significant this point is.

In my opinion, writing is one of the most valuable forms of self- care that exist. It’s a way to free your mind of all the turmoil floating around inside of you or to share your happy moments when you don’t physically want to tell anyone. It’s great.


If you need a little help to start journaling, check out this post or sign up to access to Unjunkified’s Resource Library and you will find a lot of journal prompts to help you out.

Get your new recovery journal. An addiction recovery you can use daily to overcome your demons and create your dream life. #addictionrecovery #sobriety #recoveryjournal #selftherapy #sobriety journal


Doing something for someone else makes you feel good inside. Not to mention, it’s nice. It’s also a great form of self-care.

I say it is food for the soul. How awesome does it make you feel when someone smiles or is extremely grateful for something that YOU did for them? Your damn right, it’s a wonderful feeling.

I am a strong believer in karma so, what goes around comes around. If you are helpful, generous, and caring. Then, you will get the same treatment from others.

Self-Care Basics Means A Better You in Recovery

If you really think about it, almost everything that we do can be considered a form of self-care.

What do you think?

Do you know the definition of self-care? Self-care is anything you do that benefits you emotionally, physically, or spiritually. Think about that for a second.

Of course, there are things that happen to us that are out of our control but, everything that WE do is for ourselves.

  • You eat to satisfy your hunger.
  • You attend parties to enjoy yourself.
  • Attend school or work to make money or further our education to improve your life.
  • Take care of yourself so that you look your best
  • Helping other people even makes YOU feel good on the inside

Anything and everything you do is ultimately to take care of yourself in some way. That’s what self-care is. There’s NOTHING wrong with that.

You are in charge of you. It’s your responsibility to better yourself, to be the best you possible.

Self-care is one of the MAIN parts of improving yourself in recovery. You have had a hell of a past and faced hell. Thank god, you make it out and now it’s time to be a better you and that means taking care of yourself, inside and out.

Starting with self-care basics.

P.S. – If you enjoyed this post and know someone who needs to take care of themselves or need to refresh someone on what self-care basics are, then pin the image below.

Read this if you are trying to turn your life around but don't have a clue where to begin. If you are starting from square one, go back to the basics, the self-care basics to better yourself and your life before adding in the extra. #selfcare #turnyourlifearound #womeninrecovery #soberlife #backtobasics #keepitsimple #selfimprovement


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I am NOT a licensed therapist. For immediate help call the Substance Abuse Mental Health Service Adminstration’s 1-800-662-HELP. It's a free 24/7 service for ppl facing mental +/or substance use disorders.Or you can use the online treatment locator HERE.


  1. Great article! We read about self-care on blogs and magazines but they don’t really address our basic needs. How many of us are guilty of not making their bed in the morning or not sleeping 8 hours a day (I know I am). This article is so important, so, thanks for sharing 🙂

    • lol. I am guilty of it too. I was only getting a few hours of sleep btw kids and bloggers and would get up at 3 am to start working but I wouldn’t be able to move until about 5 bc I was dead. So it was pointless. Once I started listening to my body, it all came together.

  2. So true!! I know so many people (and have probably been one of those people myself) who spend lots of time and money on fancy self care, when in reality we need to actually just look after our basic needs first! Having a nice scented bath bomb isn’t going to magically fix us if we haven’t showered for a week!!

    • haha, exactly. And everybody skips on certain things every once in a while. What’s the point in spending tons of money to do something spectacular for yourself when you are have worked so hard to do it that you can’t even enjoy yourself? In reality, you know that what you really need is SLEEP! lol

  3. I know I’m guilty of not looking after my basic needs whilst thinking of the other self care things that need to be done! Have bookmarked this and will share to others!

    • thank for commenting. And yes I think we are all guilty of not caring for ourselves as we should. Thinking that more pizazz and flashiness will give us what we need while skipping out on the basics

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