Badass Tactics For Work At Home Moms With Criminal Records That Need To Get Paid!

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Unjunkiefied is an addiction recovery, self-improvement site. It’s for women (or men) who want a new life after addiction. Let’s be honest, that’s a rough way to start. Especially for recovering addicts that are moms with criminal records. But doesn’t everyone deserve a second chance?

Don’t mothers have enough on their plate already? Now we add all of this on.

Damn, something got to give. So, I have a solution that I have personally done myself since I am one of those moms with criminal records.

If you are a WAHM and are your own boss. There are NO background checks.  Moms with criminal records have options too.

Check out your options mama. Here are a few reasons being work at home moms with criminal records may just be your new gig.

Advantages To BEING A WAHM

There are a lot of fantastic advantages to being a work at home mom (WHAM).

  • Being there for when your kids get home from school
  • Not having to deal with office politics
  • Being able to grab your laptop and go work in the yard when the sun is shining
  • Being your own BOSS
  • NO background checks for moms with criminal records

However, by no means is the life of a WAHM is easy. It’s hard, real hard but you have already overcome so much. Don’t stop now!

Luckily, the post below can help you identify and overcome some of the challenges associated with being a WAHM, so keep reading to find out more.


Are you a woman in recovery? A mom who needs to work at home for her children? But who it terrified of her criminal record due to addiction? There are careers for WAHMS with criminal records and you can do this. I know first hand. #addictionrecovery #careersforcriminals #WAHM #momwithfelony #womeninrecovery #jobsforfelons #careercriminal #personalgrowth #peoplechange #freshstart #betterlife

Pick the right role.

One of the most significant challenges that WAHMS come across is finding a role that pays a decent wage, that can be done mostly from home, and isn’t soul-crushingly dull or tedious!

Data Entry Positions

In fact, it’s often this last problem that is the worst, because there is a lot of data entry work out there that can be done online. However, it’s not very engaging, and as you have to be able to type at around 80 wpm to make it pay anything decent it might be best to stay away from that one!

Plus, data entry jobs can require background checks depending if you work for someone. Yet, keep in mind that it doesn’t instantly disqualify you.

If you don’t want to work for yourself. This can be an option for moms with criminal records.

Start Up A Small Franchise Business

Don’t lose hope though, because there are plenty of roles that can be done from home. One choice is to start up a small franchise business like the one’s Healthy You Vending offer. Then you get to supply offices and public buildings not just with snacks but ones that are actually pretty good for you and make money while you do it.

Keep in mind that your criminal record doesn’t stop you from starting a small franchise but, bad credit will.

Cottage Industry Baker

Also, in many states its possible to start up what they call a cottage industry bakery. Which means you can bake goods out of your own home for customers, as long as you have had a hygiene and safety check and follow the other rule they set down.

A job that is perfect for those WAHMS that want to do something on the more creative side of things.

Check Craigslist or Other Listings

There are even more formal jobs, where you are employed and not legally working for yourself that you can do as a WAHM. In fact, all you need to do is go to a recruitment site and search by the term “remote” or “remote working.”

Something that can be truly useful if its vital that you get a guaranteed wage for an expected amount each month.

Yes, even moms with criminal records can get lucky. If you need to stay home with your kids, it is a legit option.

Pick a job that fits with your kid’s days.

Next, a big part of being a WAHM is being there to send your kids off to school in the morning and being there for them when they return in the evening.

What this means is that it can help a great deal to choose a role that will allow you the flexibility to do this. This is one of the MAIN reasons I chose to be a work at home mom.

With that in mind, customer service and phone roles may be less desirable as these usually work in shifts and it’s not possible to leave what you’re doing and come back to it later.

However, there are other roles such as content writing, blogging, and other types of freelancing that are discussed below and suit this aspect of WAHM life much better.

I know quite a few moms with criminal records who started out content writing, copywriting, and freelance writing and the moved on to being a blogger sharing her story.  You may know one yourself, lol.


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Consider freelancing.

Freelancing is a little different from working for an employer, or being self-employed because it means you seek out work projects from another company. Therefore your wage isn’t guaranteed every month, and you will need to put some effort into sourcing clients and into marketing yourself as well.

However, there are many advantages of freelancing for the WHAMs, aside from the general one mentioned above.

In particular, you get to manage your own workload and to decide when you work on what projects.

There is also a more substantial possibility of doing something that you find more engage and creative such as graphic design, illustration, writing, and even photography.

Something worth considering if you are looking for a WHAM job that won’t bore you to tears after the first few weeks!

P.S. – Graphic design is so much fun and a big part of blogging too!

Blogging is an option too.

Of course, if you love writing, and have a particular story or perspective to share then you could make blogging your primary role. Happily, it’s not so hard to set up a blog anymore, and there are some excellent tools and advice out there that will help you get started.

Just remember to introduce new content regularly, as well as offering things of value to your readers. This may be in the form of free downloads, or videos, by providing giveaways, or even just interaction and advice on the topics your blog covers.

Consistency and providing your reader with value is the secret to successful blogging.

Don’t forget either, that when it comes to blogging if you aren’t getting paid it’s still only a hobby!

Therefore you will need to search out ways of monetizing your blog including being an affiliate marketer, looking for sponsors, and even accepting paid content.


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Never forget to find a balance between work and life.

Last of all, but not least, when you are a WHAM getting a work-life balance is essential for maintaining your mental wellbeing and health.

After all, “All work and no play does make Jack a dull boy! “(10 points for anyone who gets the Stephen King reference, here!).

Seriously though, for those of us recovering from mental health issues, addiction recovery, as well as just the average WHAM, getting some clear delineation between your work day and your evenings with the family is vital.

Otherwise, things can end up bleeding together and it may feel like all you do is work, making impossible to shut off.

To that end, setting aside a separated space to work in can be useful, as can having an organization and filing system can stop all your work clutter from spreading all over the house.

It’s also pretty vital that you set yourself work hours, and stick to these as much as possible. Now, I’m not saying that you will be able to finish at 5pm on the dot every day. However, by aiming for this, even if you go a little over schedule, you will still be done at around 6ish. Therefore, leaving time in the evening in which to rest and recuperate. Something that is pretty vital if you want to continue being a badass mom and work as well!


It is hard being a mom with a criminal record. I know. I am.

As with anything in life, hard work pays off. Moms like us just have a few more challenges.

You survived a bad past. Now, it’s time to be badass.

P.S. More careers for moms with criminal records will be coming your way.

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