5 Badass Mental Health Blogs That Will Amaze You

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If you haven’t been living under a rock then you should know by now how important it is to take care of your mental health. It doesn’t matter whether you are dual diagnosed, have multiple mental illnesses, or have NO mental illness. The fact of the matter is you still have to take care of your MENTAL HEALTH. Point blank, this is serious stuff ladies. To prove my point, here are 5 badass mental health blogs that you need to check out.

Speaking for myself, I have moments of severe anxiety, depression, and misery. I still face highs and lows in my life like everyone else.  In my opinion, everyone deals with these issues in life.  I don’t have a diagnosis but, I know for sure that this is my mental health talking. You see, these emotions and feelings can jeopardize our life and put us in a downward spiral.  Those “bad” moments we have can cost us the life we have worked so damn hard for.

Our past has rewired our brain chemistry and it’s going to take a long damn time to get our brain back to so-called normal. I’ll speak up. I’ve been in recovery for years now and those moments are few and far between.  I had to learn how to cope with that shit in a normal way. These 5 badass mental health blogs help me kick ass at improving every aspect of my life so I can be the most badass form of ME!  Check them out!

5 positively badass mental health blogs ever, best blogs for mental health

The 5 Insanely Badass Mental Health Blogs That You Must Read!


1.  Radical Transformation Project

Badass mental health blogs - Radical Transformation Project

Radical Transformation Project became one of my all-time favorite blogs super fast!  The creator, Faith is a bonafide badass!  She shares tips and tricks that she uses in her own mental health journey.  Managing depression is something that everyone needs to know how to do.  Whether you are a diagnosed manic depressive or just feel like complete and total shit every now and then. The Radical Transformation Project provides you with the info you need to completely kick depression’s ass or at least cope with it in a super cool way.

The free planner that you get for subscribing is badass, seriously.  She gives you different journal prompts for managing your depression or anxiety, affirmations to make you feel better about yourself, quotes, wallpapers and more.

One of my favorite things that I look forward to every week is the newsletter.  It arrives in my inbox first thing each week and not only does it pump you up for the week ahead but, it includes a list of links to help you kick ass throughout your week!  It is extremely motivational and inspiring.  I love it.

The last thing that I NEED to include about Radical Transformation Project is the Healthy Coping Cookbook which includes healthy, scrumptious recipes for mental health.  Now tell me that isn’t cool?  A definite badass mental health blog that you need to visit!


2.  Modern Day Girl

Badass mental health blogs - modern day girl blog


The Modern Day Girl Blog has everything you need when it comes to dealing with mental health and living your life to the fullest despite your mental health issues.  Jessica is the creator of Modern Day Girl and lives in the UK.  She was diagnosed a few years back with anxiety and since then has made it her life passion to help other women in similar situations.

That being said, she is a certified life coach specializing in helping those with anxiety.  Modern Day Girl is a big dose of mental health inspiration for women.  What could be better than that?

Not only does she write kick-ass posts and share a ton of awesome freebies but, the 7-day e-course is highly recommended!   Just sign up and it’s a FREE 7-day e-course for those women who are feeling a little or a lot overwhelmed.  Which I’m sure we have all felt that way at one time or another.

Did I mention that she’s a fierce animal lover?  Just another thing I relate too! Point blank – go there and sign up for the e-course like, NOW!


3. Rose Minded

badass mental health blogs - Rose Minded

A few weeks ago I stumbled upon the site, Rose Minded and I couldn’t have made a better discovery.  It is nothing short of amazing and that’s putting it mildly.  I swear.  The writer behind Rose Minded Mental Health is Kay, who by the way is absolutely breathtaking and has an amazing blog.

While the entire site kicks ass, I am going to tell you my 2 very favorite things that makes this hands down, one of the most badass mental health blogs.

Number one, this post is what originally attracted me to Rose Minded.  The post is MENTAL HEALTH BLOG – EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO START YOURS. Just like Unjunkiefied and recovery, Rose Minded and mental health is a niche that isn’t as common as others.  That very post encourages women to start their very own mental health blog and exactly what to do and how to do it.  I wish I had guidance like that when I began.

Number two is journaling.  Not only is there posts for mental health journal prompts but, Kay has her own Mental Health Journal Guides.  I love, love, love journaling.  In my opinion, it is the BEST way to get in touch with yourself and work on your issues.  No matter what the problem is, journaling can help you solve it. That’s why I bought her journal guides and you should too! As an added bonus, use the code natasha15 at checkout to receive a discount.

Enough said, what are you waiting for?  Get your badass to Rose Minded!

Pink haired author of the badass mental health blogs, Rose Minded

4. Anxious Lass

Anxiety is a huge problem for many people.  Kel writes from the heart in a relatable and enjoyable way entailing her own personal struggles with anxiety.  Anxious Lass is a must read blog if you suffer from ANY form of anxiety.  She covers it all!  Plus, the site is just beautiful, I love the entire layout and design.

Her signature book, Social Anxiety to Social Success is so cool!  It is extremely affordable and it guides you through the book with printable worksheets.  If you haven’t visited Anxious Lass yet, you need to.  Easily one of the most badass mental health blogs when it comes down to anxiety.


5.  Fiona Likes To Blog

Badass Mental health blogs -Fiona Likes To Blog

Fiona of Fiona Likes to Blog is nothing short of amazing and I mean that from the heart.  She is not a licensed therapist but, a survivor of mental illness.  Like every other blog that I fall head over heels with, it’s because she’s real.  Her passion and her goal are to help others overcome their uses and be the most badass version of themselves that they can be.  You gotta love that.  I sure as hell do.

Her mental illness destroyed her life, she lost everything.  Although, she fought back.  Fought the battle and won.  Not in the aspect that her mental health issues no longer exist but that she now knows how to cope with them in a healthy way.  If you want a dose or Fiona then check out Fiona Likes To Blog and be sure to join kick-ass ass facebook group, Get Stuff Done with Depression.

If you have yet to check out Fiona Likes To Blog, you can Start Here or read her most popular post.  Once you read it, there will be no doubt as to why this is one of the most badass mental health blogs ever.


There you have it.  These are the top 5 badass mental health blogs in my opinion.  Are there other awesome mental health blogs out there?  Of course, probably a bunch I have not come across yet.  These 5 are my absolute favorite.  These are the mental health blogs that I visit on a consistent basis.  Anytime I feel a bit down or I am having a mental health situation, these are the places I go.  Go on, give it a try. You got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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I am NOT a licensed therapist. For immediate help call the Substance Abuse Mental Health Service Adminstration’s 1-800-662-HELP. It's a free 24/7 service for ppl facing mental +/or substance use disorders.Or you can use the online treatment locator HERE.


    • Natasha says

      Thank you. These are my absolute favorite blogs. All of the bloggers are amazing women too. Mental health is super important. It doesn’t’ matter if we are diagnosed with a mental illness or not. It is still essential for us to take care of our own mental health. Everyone suffers from moments of depression, anxiety, mood swings, etc. These blogs help us control it better! 🙂

  1. Meagan @ Okay Now Breathe says

    Yes! This is an awesome list! I follow along to all these wonderful ladies. (The Inspiration Lady is another of my favorites.) Us mental health bloggers have become our own close-knit blogging community. I love that we’re all so supportive of each other!

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