8 Bad Habits In Recovery You Need To Nip In The Butt!

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As a recovering addict, you have a better chance of picking up replacement addictions. Therefore, you end up with bad habits in recovery.

It sucks. I know but, it’s the reality of having an addictive personality.

The truth of the matter is we all have our bad habits. Now, whether or not you want to admit to your bad habits is a different story.

Here are 8 bad habits in recovery. Don't think you are immune to developing other bad habits because you kicked the most powerful. Stop them like this. #addictionrecovery #breakbadhabits #badhabitbreaker #newhabits #selfimprovement #selfawareness

One Down, More to Come

Deep down, we all have that one bad habit or addiction that we know needs to stop.

Yours was substance abuse and you got rid of that. So now your good, right?  WRONG.

Now you are susceptible to a whole list of bad habits in recovery. You may not even realize that something has become a habit. It’s replacing one thing for another.

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What You Can Do About It

Of course, you want to kick these bad habits, just as you did to your addiction.

You need to get out of the mindset of “I need it” as soon as possible.  You might find that kicking a few of these habits can actually improve your quality of life.

Continue reading if you are looking for some advice or help to get rid of your bad habit.

Be sure to download the Bad Habit Breaker which is a proven method to break those nasty habits one step at a time. I used this simple process to break my own bad habits in recovery. Now, you can do the same.

You are in addiction recovery so, you have no bad habits, right? I don't think so. A recovering addict's addictive personality makes it easy to develop bad habits in recovery. Use the bad habit breaker to kick your bad habits for good. ALL of them. #badhabits #badhabitbreaker #breakbadhabits #habits #routines #addictionrecovey #addictivepersonality #personalgrowth

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8 Bad Habits In Recovery You Need To Nip In The Butt!

Here is a list of bad habits in recovery so, you can see if any pertain to you and what to do about it.

1.Nail Biting

Do you bite your nails> One of the common bad habits in recovery caused by stress, anxiety, and boredom.

Personally, I’ve never dealt with this but millions of people do. Nail biting can come from a wide range of reasons. Such as being stressed or nervous.

Maybe, you can try to quit this habit by starting to wear nail polish so that when you bite your nail, you get a horrible taste. Or end up with chips of nail polish all through your mouth and on your teeth. Real attractive. AMIRIGHT?

There is a special liquid that you can buy that has a vile taste. Or keep your nails cut super short.

2. Shopping

What woman does not like to shop? Yet, women in recovery can take it to extremes. Or men, for that matter.

In addiction, you spent every dime you had on dope. I know because I did it too.

Now that you are clean, serene, got your shit together, and actually have money in your bank account, it’s amazing. But, it’s not what you are used to.

So what do you do? Spend money on every and anything you can. Of course, it’s nice to buy material objects to prove to the haters that you got it going.

But seriously, where is that going to leave you. Broke and in debt, if you aren’t already.

Go to and see what’s going on with your financial situation. Then you need to make a plan to budget your money wisely. Get good credit and buy something you and your family really need.

Like a new car or a house. Just sayin’.

3. Fast Food

You can develop bad habits in recovery even after being sober. Such as emotional eating or a fast food addiction. Break your bad habit before it gets out of hand.

This one not only impacts your health but your wallet. Going to a McDonalds or any kind of fast food chain might seem like a good idea at the time, but before you know it you are there every day and never cooking your own nutritious meals.

Emotional eating or a food addiction is something you need to nip in the but immediately.

You can try eating clean. Not necessarily go on a diet but eat only nutritious food. Cook your meals in advance or try ordering your meals from an online food service. I haven’t done that yet. If you have, drop me a note in the comments and tell me how your online food ordering experience was. Curious minds want to know.

4. Toxic Love

One of the worst bad habits in recovery is a toxic relationship.

Sometimes it’s an addictive relationship that carries over from active addiction. Remember, two wrongs don’t make a right.

People in recovery have a tendency to develop co-dependent relationships. That’s where the love, trust, and respect are one-sided. More often then not, codependent relationships are physically and verbally abusive.

You may find yourself stuck out of fear, pity, or guilt. Or you are trying to save your significant other. It becomes an addiction. Another replacement for our drug of choice. This one can lead you back into active addiction or even worse.

I suggest you cut ties, learn how to set healthy boundaries, and go to to learn how to cope with codependency issues. She’s a life-saver.

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You are in addiction recovery so, you have no bad habits, right? I don't think so. A recovering addict's addictive personality makes it easy to develop bad habits in recovery. Use the bad habit breaker to kick your bad habits for good. ALL of them. #badhabits #badhabitbreaker #breakbadhabits #habits #routines #addictionrecovey #addictivepersonality #personalgrowth

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5. Alcohol

A drink is a drug. You broke your drug addiction but this is the worst of the bad habits in recovery. It's a relapse and you will end up doing your drug of choice.

I know you have heard this before. ALCOHOL IS A DRUG. 

If you are a recovering addict but had a substance abuse problem, it is not ok to drink. It will just lead you right back to your drug of choice. You are chasing the high you want and you are not going to get the same feeling from another drug.

You can’t have one drink, a sip, or worry about drinking a beer at your daughter’s wedding. Especially, if she’s only a toddler at the moment. Seriously, chill.

If you are a recovering addict and now an alcoholic, I highly suggest you check out a site like Here you will find information on how to go about getting help and what options are available to you.

Get the help you need before you hit rock bottom.

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6. Swearing

People use foul language all the damn time. Obviously, including me.

Don’t use it as a crutch and talk like a sailor. It’s one of those bad habits in recovery that many of us let get out of control.

So, while I curse on Unjunkiefied, I don’t do it in front of my children. I don’t want them to talk like that. According to children copy what they hear, and if your kids are constantly around adults who are using bad language, then they will start swearing to.

The first time or two, you may find it funny and giggle under your breath.  Yet, once your 3-year-old tells you to “Fuck off” when you tell him it’s time to use the potty. It won’t be cute anymore.

The best way to combat this is to come up with words that sound similar and try to get used to using these instead. So for the ‘s’ word, try saying ship. It sounds the same but technically, no one is swearing.

It sounds ridiculous but, it works.

7. Manipulation

Did you ever hear someone say “He lies so much, he believes his own lies”?

As a drug addict, you are pegged as a liar from the gate. No one believes a word that comes out of your mouth. And for good reason.

In addiction, you lie all the time. You tell people what they want to hear so, you can get something you want. I know, I did it too.

Another thing I know is that I am damn good at it. So, I am positive you are too.

It almost becomes a game. Being able to play someone so easily, lie and manipulate your way to get anything and everything.

It’s hard to give that up. Yet, as a recovering addict, we have too.

You are better than that and no matter how good you are, you will get caught eventually.

A blow like that could send you right back to your knees. Don’t start over again after working so hard to get where you are today.

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8.Social Media

Social media is one of the worse addictions. Especially when you overcame substance abuse, you think there are no bad habits in recovery. Don't be fooled. Break your bad habit before its too late #badhabit #badhabitbreaker

The era of advanced technology. Better yet, getting lost in the black hole of social media. It seems that every man, woman, and child are always using a phone or iPad.

Studies have shown that social media can be as addictive as drugs as it can trigger the same response in your brain.

For real, people are spending way too much time in the virtual world and not enough time in the real one. You need to limit how long you are spending on social media every day so that you don’t become someone who can’t go ten seconds without checking your phone.

Go to and learn exactly how to set up your own social media schedule and stick to it. It isn’t going to be easy, especially if you are used to spending all day glued to your phone, but it will be worth it when you start enjoying what the real world has to offer.

Personally, once I put a notification blocker on Facebook during the day, I was able to be productive and get loads more done for work. Remember, I work at home.

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Break Bad Habits In Recovery So, They Don’t Send You Back To Addiction

Bottom line, you need to nip these bad habits in the butt now. Before they hurt you and cost you your recovery.

Doing these things can trigger you to relapse. You may not think so but it’s your addictive personality. Getting away with one negative thing will lead to another and another and another.

You see where I’m going with this?

You have come too far to go back now.

Sign up below and get the free system to break your bad habits. Plus, become part of the Unjunkiefied fam getting monthly freebies and extra perks. 

You are in addiction recovery so, you have no bad habits, right? I don't think so. A recovering addict's addictive personality makes it easy to develop bad habits in recovery. Use the bad habit breaker to kick your bad habits for good. ALL of them. #badhabits #badhabitbreaker #breakbadhabits #habits #routines #addictionrecovey #addictivepersonality #personalgrowth

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Comment Below And Let Me Know About Your Bad Habits In Recovery

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