6 Crucial Tips For Preventing A Relapse

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Don't let fear of relapse ruin your chance at a successful sober life. Here are 6 crucial tips for preventing a relapse that will help you continue rocking your recovery without fear of failure. #lessonslearned #relapse #relapseprevnetionplan #copingskills #triggers #selfawareness #soberlife #soberliving #soberbadassery #soberlifestyle

I’ll get straight to the point. I am giving you pure gold here – TIPS FOR PREVENTING A RELAPSE.

I want you ready to handle anything, especially a potential relapse. That way if the demon comes calling, you don’t answer.

Overcoming addiction is something which will always be a huge achievement in every one of our lives. Yet, falling off the wagon is a very real thing that happens way too often. So you need to be prepared.

After reading this, you will have the knowledge to handle your business. And I mean READ IT, not just skim through it. The explanations behind each tip are critica.

Relapse Happens

Being able to finally say goodbye to something which has plagued you for quite some time can be liberating. You will feel strong and free from the moment it happens. It feels good as hell to get that monkey off your back.

However, quitting for good isn’t always going to be easy. There will be times when you almost feel as if it would be easier just to say fuck it. Or you fall back into those same toxic habits once more. You want so bad to be part of the world you left behind.

You Got To Let It Go

You seriously think that you can do the same shit, act the same way, and hang with the same people. Yet, stay clean.

It’s not going to happen. If you really want to get your life together and be proud of who you are and what you do, then you got to let that shit go.

How Many Times Can One Person Relapse

I want you to answer a question… How many times have you relapsed?

I was a heroin addict for over a decade and I can’t even count the times. Every time I got out of rehab, a program, jail, and on and on. Dozens of times, maybe 50 or 75 or even a hundred or so.

But then let me ask you this? Out of all the times got clean, how many times did you want to stay sober? Did you ever really plan on being done?

I sure as hell didn’t. That is until this last time. Now, I got years sober and improving myself because I got real about it. I wanted it.

And I’ll tell you something. The thought of using drugs or relapse doesn’t even cross my mind. If you aren’t there yet, I WANT YOU TO BE.

That is why I am giving you these tips for preventing a relapse. They are some of the best ways to avoid a relapse today, tomorrow, this year, and forever.

The truth is that many recovering addicts have relapsed atleast once. It doesn't matter if you are newly sober, in early recovery, or long term recovery, you need to have a relapse prevention plan. I am sharing 6 tips for preventing a relapse that have helped me when I needed it the most. I know they will help you to so check them out. It's worth it. #copingskills #relapsepreventionplan #relapse #earlyrecovery #soberliving #selfawareness #longtermrecovery #soberbadasery

Crucial Tips For Preventing A Relapse

These tips worked for me and I know they will work for you.

#1. Change your routine

The easiest way for you to make a change to your lifestyle and to your mental state is to change your daily routine.

If you know that at a certain time of the day you suffer from benzo withdrawal or whichever else, then you can change your routine around this time to distract yourself.

I don’t mean initial detox but, the mental part of addiction can be a bitch. You know what I’m talking about. You start getting a case of the fuck its or think about how your life hasn’t magically improved and you sit there and dwell on it and dwell on it. That’s why if you start thinking like this, get out and do something. You will not think about your addiction and you won’t act on your impulses.

Not to mention, that if you are trying to improve your life then chances are the way you were doing things wasn’t working. Change your routine and give this a fresh start.

#2. Build healthy relationships

It is so important for anyone in life to build healthy relationships. You can’t spend the rest of your life alone and you don’t want toxic people in your life.

Getting clean can be a difficult thing to do. That is exactly why you need people to support you in this monumental time in your life.

Sober Support

One of the most important tips for preventing a relapse is that you need someone to talk to.

A person you can vent to. It may not be a family member. It could be a therapist, a counselor, or a friend. But keeping all our feelings, flaws, and emotions bottled up isn’t going to be good for anyone.

#3. Get moving

If you are starting to feel like you are craving something, the best thing you can do for your body is to get outside. Go for a run or a walk somewhere.

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We often don’t exercise enough, but exercise releases a lot of happy hormones in the body. It can make you forget about your cravings once and for all.

Exercise not only does this but it keeps our body at peak health so it is beneficial in many ways.

#4. Get a job

The worst thing you can do for yourself if you are trying to stay on the straight and narrow is to stay at home and do nothing.

Boredom breeds bad thoughts and when you are trying to stay clean this can be a dangerous game. The best thing you can do is head out and get yourself a full-time job. This will act as a great distraction and it will also allow you to save and earn money for your future.

Everyone needs to make money to survive and doing it legally is even better. Expensive but better.

#5. Reduce stress

Stress is a huge contributing factor when it comes to withdrawal and addiction. The more stress you are under, the more likely you are to fall back into bad habits.

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If you have been suffering for quite some time it is a great idea for you to take a yoga class or try meditation. These things can relax the body and mind and allow you to feel more in control.

#6. Get Real With Yourself

To me, this is the most important thing that you will do, in both sobriety and life. You need to get real with yourself.

Know yourself from the inside out. It is said that you know yourself better than anyone. While, you should – that’s not always the case. Especially, when you lost who you were due to your addiction and it can take months, even years to be the real you, the best you.

You need to know your strengths, your weakenesses, what triggers you, what sets you off. You need to know what you want and what your future is supposed to look like. Once you understand yourself from the inside out, you become unstoppable.

Bottom Line

Once you start to implement these tips for preventing a relapse, it get’s easier. Life becomes better because these tips not not prevent relapse but improve your life altogether,

Relapse is not something that you question because fucking up your life is not part of the ultimate plan.

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