5 Nice Things You Can Do For Yourself In Recovery

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Take a step in the right direction and be nice to yourself in recovery instead of the constant destructive behaviors that you are used to. #copingskills #freshstart #soberlife #addictionrecovery #selflove #selfcare #selfimprovement #recoveringaddict #lifeinrecovery #addictionrecovery

When is the last time you chose to be nice to yourself?

I’m dead serious. There is no doubt that during addiction you used and abused yourself. Not to mention everyone else.

Even in early recovery, I’m sure you beat yourself up so bad for all the destruction you caused or the nasty things you remember doing. So to put it simply, choosing to be nice to yourself simply was NOT an option.

It’s Not Always Easy

Your recovery is one of the most important stages of your life. It’s the time where you’re transitioning between who you were, and who you want to be, and it takes a different form for everyone who goes through it.

Creating a new life in sobriety is not going to be a cakewalk but, it’s definitely going to be worth it.

You will have negative thoughts, use a lot of energy, and feel like there is nothing more to your life than addiction recovery treatment.

That’s exactly why you have to take time to collect yourself, refocus, and keep pushing forward. Eventually, you will create a new life after addiction recovery and it will be fucking awesome!

In the meantime, take the time to be nice to yourself in recovery. I promise happiness is much better than anger and sadness. So here is what I want you to do for yourself.

Having A Positive Mindset IS Doing Something Nice For Yourself

If you feel like it’s going to be a long time before your stable again or your mind isn’t quite thinking as it should. Then this is the nicest damn thing you can do for yourself at the moment.

Throw a little bit of self-care into your schedule in the form of positive affirmations. After all, you’ve got to learn to be your biggest supporter and fan. Learn to treat yourself with a bit more respect and affection so that you like who you are.

Two books I have read multiple times are  The Happiness Advantage and Before Happiness.  I own both of them and highly recommend that you click below and purchase them now. They are seriously that damn good.

Using positive affirmations will help you in developing a positive state of mind which you NEED. Do this and the 5 things listed below and you might just manage a couple more smiles per week than usual.

5 Nice (Free + Affordable) Things To Do For Yourself in Recovery

Here are 5 things to do to be nice to yourself in recovery. Each thing is either free or gives you an affordable way to do it.

Doing something nice for yourself doesn’t mean you have to have a million dollars or go to an exotic island.

Even though, it sure would be nice. ?

Get Yourself Some Flowers

Flowers are always a lovely thing to receive, no matter who you are or what your interests are.

Maybe you should get yourself some every now and then?

Flowers can really light up a room, and having a vase to look at when you crash down on the sofa after a hectic day might just help to reinvigorate you.

Flowers have significant meaning. Try being nice to yourself in recovery by gardening or giving yourself a flower arrangement of meaningful flowers to symbolize your new life in sobriety

Plus, hours can act as a symbol. Daffodils stand for a new beginning, lotus flowers are symbolic to all types of recovery, and Japanese cherry blossoms also represent a fresh start.

You can even go out and pick a few every now and then just to get your hands on something pretty that smells good.

If you want it to be more of a surprise, order some online and get them delivered to your door.  Use some customized flower arrangements, which you can find all over the web. You’ll be able to get any mixture of flowers and colors that you’ll be completely satisfied with.

Listen To Music

When is the last time you listened to your favorite song?

The right song can positively affect your mood. If your sad, depressed, or angry, a simple song can change that. In 4 minutes or less, you will be up, dancing around, smiling, and in a good mood.

P.S. – Be sure to listen to an upbeat, happy song. Not a song that is going to leave you crying and depressed. That defeats the purpose of doing this for yourself.

Sit Out in the Sun

How much time do you spend outside? Do you think you get enough fresh air and blue skies around you? Or do you think you could benefit from a little more time spent in the great outdoors?

Either way, the more sun you get, the better. Even if you just sit out in your garden, or on the balcony of your apartment for five minutes or so every day. You are doing plenty to help yourself out.

Human bodies love the sun and all its warmth. As someone who is trying to uplift and repair their body, you need this time in the sun.

One of my favorite things to do is to sit outside on my porch in silence and write in my journal.

You can get your free recovery journal by signing up directly below.

Journaling can help you recover from your past, become the best you, improve your life, and is a great form of basic self-care. Click here to download your FREE addiction recovery journal that will guide you to change your life for the better in sobriety.

Truthfully, you’re probably going to want to get outside a bit more and soak up the rays in the sky.

The more sun you get, the happier (or chance of being happier), you’ll be. Plenty of Vitamin D production means healthier, glowing skin, and more. Serotonin production means a more genuine smile and a much more positive outlook on life.

Plus, it doesn’t cost you anything to get your ass outside. It is a sure fire way to be nice to yourself in recovery. Your body needs you to be.

Here are a few more things to use as you soak up the rays.

Fuel Your Body

They say food is the way to a man’s heart but, food is essential for energy and for your overall health.

In sobriety, you try to get physically healthy. You know drugs weren’t good for your body. Not to mention, no exercise and not eating right. Or at all.

Don’t constantly stress yourself out trying to eat a healthy meal every morning, noon, and night. Of course, you need to be eating healthy and soaking up all the necessary nutrients you can but don’t worry.

You can give yourself a break with the regime every now and then. It’s sad to say but eating unhealthily is much better than not eating at all!

So choose to be nice to yourself in recovery. Every now and then indulge on something you really want.

Let yourself snack on some tasty food that you don’t eat all the time. You can even choose the healthiest options if you’re that worried about ruining the food plans you want to stick to!

Either way, the dollar menu is always going to have some simple and cheap meals for you. A fudge sundae from McDonald’s? Get yourself a chicken wrap or two while your at it and there you go. You indulge, it’s cheap, and you fuel your body in a pretty good way.

Recovering addicts are extremely intelligent and creative. Use your creative skills to be nice to yourself in recovery through drawing, writing, painting, or something else. Use your sober superpowers for good.

Tap Into Your Creative Side

Do you realize how creative recovering addicts are, including yourself?

I mean think of how creative you had to be to come up with all the schemes and stories you told during addiction.  Aside from using your creativity for the wrong thing, it is a phenomenal gift that you can use to be nice to yourself in recovery.

Writing, creating stories, drawing, painting, inventing, designing, and cooking are just a few of the ways you can use your creative ways to be nice to yourself. and do nice things for others.

P.S. If you like to write and you aren’t a member of Unjunkiefied then, sign up now. You get a free addiction recovery journal that can bust your creativity and writing abilities wide open. Sign up below.

Journaling can help you recover from your past, become the best you, improve your life, and is a great form of basic self-care. Click here to download your FREE addiction recovery journal that will guide you to change your life for the better in sobriety.

Can You Be Nice to Yourself?

Of course, you can, but do you have the willingness to be? 

You deserve to stop and take a deep breath every now and then. You deserve to be nice to yourself in recovery.

Addiction recovery is a big deal. Like a really big deal. Making it this far is a HUGE accomplishment. Something that should make you shine with pride and confidence.

It is my guess that you weren’t very nice to yourself in addiction. To be honest, you probably weren’t nice to yourself in early recovery either. So now, take a second to be nice to yourself in recovery.

You sure as hell deserve it.

Before you go, pin the below image to let others know that it’s ok to be nice to yourself in recovery. It is not selfish. It’s a necessity. 

In addiction, you were self destructive. Now sober, it's time to be nice to yourself in recovery. You can start by doing these 5 things. Trust me, a little bit of happiness can change your life for the better. #changeyourlife #selfcare #selfdestructive #recovery #recoveringaddict #selflove #personalimprovement #soberlife

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