4 Tips To Stay Sober In The Face Of Temptation

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Faced with temptation? Here are 4 tips to stay sober when you feel like you are about to fall off the wagon.

If you are struggling to stay clean just remember that leading a sober life will be benefiting you in countless ways. I’m sure you will have already noticed major improvements in both your mental and physical health.

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Staying Sober Isn’t Simple

People who don’t have a drug problem, don’t understand why you just can’t quit. They don’t understand why you still crave the high after your life was such a damn mess.

Don’t let it make you start to wonder if you aren’t strong enough to live a sober life.

Truthfully, many people find that staying sober isn’t always easy. There are many trials and difficulties that you will face, and most of these are all because of temptation.

If you are ever tempted to pick up a drink or abuse substances, the urge could be too big to say no to. Thankfully, though, there are ways to overcome urges and temptations.

Here are 4tips to stay sober that are proven to work time and time again. Plus, I added in a couple of extra things at the bottom that help me when I’m struggling.

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#1. Stay Away From Known Triggers

We all have different things that can trigger our urges to drink or take drugs.

It’s important that you figure out what your individual set of triggers are so that you can try to stay well away from them as much as possible.

For instance, if you know that going out with a certain group of friends can be quite difficult because they still drink. Then, you might want to think about not going with them anymore.

Alternatively, you could suggest doing something else other than going bar hopping. You know what I mean?!

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2. Reach Out To Others

If you do ever find the temptation to drink or use again gets overwhelming, you should reach out to those closest to you. Let them know what you are going through. They will then be able to help you stay away from any triggers.

They can also do their best in distracting your mind away from the various temptations and urges that you may be experiencing.

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3. Find Professional Support During Bad Times

Of course, your friends and relatives will be limited in how they can help you. Sometimes, you really don’t want to tell your loved ones about the shit bothering you. Especially, if they are don’t understand addiction.

If you are going through a particularly bad period and really struggling with your sobriety. Then, it could be worth seeking a local women’s drug rehab center that offers help with alcohol and drug addictions.

In fact, you might even really benefit from a live-in program as you can then enjoy a few days living with like-minded people far away from any of your possible triggers.

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4. Find New Hobbies

Taking your mind off of getting high can be a big help in fighting temptation.

Lots of newly sober individuals find that starting a new hobby or pastime can distract their mind. It gives them something new to focus on.

It doesn’t have to be a hobby but, something like starting a new workout or form of exercise can help too.

In fact, why not decide on what area of your sober life you need to prioritize and work on first? This could be a great goal that keeps you focused and helps you enjoy your new sober life!

Once you’ve conquered that specific areas of sober living, move on to the next. You can create something even bigger and better and really thrive in your new lifestyle. You got this!

It Works If You Work It

I just gave you 4 ways you can fight temptation when you are trying to stay sober. Remember, that even if you think it sounds stupid or won’t work, IT WILL! They are proven facts my friend.

The last tip is a MUST-DO. If you have any desire to create a kick-ass sober life and thrive then, you got to prioritize your life and make it work.

Bonus: 2 More Tips To Stay Sober That I Personally Use

To help you out a bit more, here are two things that help me stay out of my head and avoid temptation.

Start A Journal

Product image of the free addiction recovery journal Get Your Shine On.

Being able to let it all out without the fear of anyone knowing what goes on inside this head up mine is a lifesaver. No lie.

You can get a blank notebook such as the ones below. They are my go-to blank notebooks for minimalist style and they are cheap. Or you can download the free Get Your Shine On recovery journal which is laid out for you. That’s what I personally use.

Also, if you need someone to talk to but don’t have any sober support system in place, can’t afford a therapist, or simply don’t, then I got the perfect thing for you. It’s a free sober app called Pocket Rehab. Check it out right here.

Now, you have started your arsenal of recovery tips and tools. Stay connected and create your kick-ass sober life.

P.S. If you become a part of our online family then, you get my username on PocketRehab and it’s a quick and easy way to reach me. I got your back because not having sober support sucks. I know all too well.

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