30 Tips To Create A New Life After Addiction Recovery

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It's time to take your life and recovery to the next level? Find out what to do to create a new life after addiction recovery with 30 tips to lead the way. #addictionrecovery #soberlife #lifeplan #planyourfuture #selfdevleopment

You know you are ready for a change. It’s time for you to start fresh and create a new life AFTER addiction recovery.

I won’t go through the whole detox process and how to overcome your addiction. You don’t need to be told that overcoming addiction is a strenuous process. Hands down, it is one of the hardest things you will ever have to do.

You are here because you are sick of being defined by your past, feeling stuck, and you are ready to have a life that is badass.

As an addict, your life was chaotic and busy. If you think a sober life will be boring, you are wrong. It’s up to you to create a new life that is just the way you want it to be. Balanced. Fun. Productive. Successful and most importantly, SOBER.

Here are 30 tips to help you in creating that magical life but first, lets touch base on a  few things.

Ready to start over? Want a fresh start? You are sober now and looking for a life change but where do you even begin? Take a step in the right direction using these 30 tips to create a new life after addiction recovery. Now, you can keep moving forward with a brand new life. #soberlife #addictionrecovery #lifeplan #personaldevelopment #sobriety #changeyourlife #newbeginnings #freshstart #recoveringaddict

Necessary Things To Create A New Life After Addiction

Active addiction left you broken, beat down, and tore up from the floor up. It’s true, I was that way too.

Of course, there are a few things that every recovering addict must do when choosing to be sober.

#1 – Be Prepared To Make Major Changes

Addiction left you with much more than a drug problem. You now have a million other bad habits that need to be eliminated.

If you want to start over and create a new life then by golly, you know that shit got to change.

When trying to change your life it’s important to find some healthy distractions so that you don’t slip back into those bad habits. Think of it like this.Each bad habit you eliminate or overcome will have a positive effect on either your physical or mental wellbeing.  Ultimately, leading you to find a sense of balance in your life.

The tips below will point you in the right direction but you have to be willing and prepared to have a new, healthy routine. If you don’t want to change shit then you can kiss your magical life goodbye.

Your overall health is extremely important. If you are in early recovery, you probably need to put on a few pounds or about 50. Or maybe you are sober for a while and really put on the pounds which requires you to take on a new diet. Either way, you need to take better care of yourself to have the magical life you crave.

#2 – Don’ Do It Alone

If your past is like mine then you learned to do things on your own. After all, if you want something done right then do it your damn self. But life is one thing you can’t do alone. Everyone needs friends, family, and people. It’s human nature to need some kind of companionship and interaction.

You need to make sure that you surround yourself with people that support your sobriety and support the choices that you make in your new life. That means, healthy relationships. Stay away from abusive people, condescending people, and those who constantly put you down or remind you of your past.  You don’t need that shit.

Most importantly, stay far away from people who use. I’m not talking about the junkies you got high with but even relatives or close family. The last thing you need is to be living with a functioning alcoholic.

Have relationships with people who truly care. Use common sense. Just remember, your friends and family want to help you. But they might need a little assistance to ensure they’re doing or saying the right things.  If it’s a toxic relationship and the loved one won’t let up, then maybe space is what you need.

#3 – Follow Through With Goals

You need to make a thorough plan for yourself. We will dive head first into that later.

In the meantime, not only are you going to have to set goals but you are going to have to achieve each and every goal you set.

Start by setting goals that are small and manageable. From there you can work your way up. Every time you reach a goal, it will inspire and motivate you to continue taking a step forward in the right direction.

Now I want you to take a moment and be honest with yourself. If you totally suck at setting goals and being consistent then you might need a little help in this area.  I was the same exact way which is why I highly recommend the printable Slay Your Goals Planner by Nadalie Bardo.

It takes you through setting + slaying your goals step by step so there is not a chance you won’t succeed. Click the image below to get yours now.

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So, let’s dive right into the tips that will help you to create a new life after addiction recovery. If you are really serious about this and want to create a new life then I will let you in on a secret.

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30 Tips To Create A New Life Afte Addiction Recovery

> > Be sure to click on the bonus links for a related post or free product to help you out with that particular tip.

1. Do something nice for yourself

   >Read: 5 Nice Things (both free and affordable) To Do For Yourself In Recovery

2. Start eating healthier.

>Cut out the junk food and processed food. Sugar addiction is a problem all of its own.

>Read: How To Be Physically Healthy In Sobriety

3. Develop an exercise routine.

4. Continue education. Knowledge is power.

5. Get a hobby.

  >Read: How To Refocus In Addiction Recovery Using Healthy Distractions

6. Make a space just for you.

7. Turn your mess into a message and use it to help others.

>Read: 8 Ways To Turn Your Mess Into A Message

8. Take care of your mental health.

>Even if you don’t have a mental health diagnosis, I guarantee you still get stressed the fuck out. Especially with this whole normalcy thing going on.

9. Once a week, give yourself some alone time.

10. Embrace your creativity and use it on a regular basis.

11. Make a plan to achieve your dreams.

12. Get outside once a week.

>Take a walk in the woods, go swimming at the beach, take up gardening, sit under a tree and read, make a snowman. You get the point. Believe me, the fresh air will do you good.

13. Spend time with loved ones.

14. Be who you want to be.

>BONUS: What I mean is dress how you want to, wear your makeup the way you want. Don’t appease to what others expectations. It’s time to be the girl of your dreams or man.  Be the flawless, unapologetic, perfectly imperfect YOU. If you want a clothing brand that represents this, click here to check out Beautiful Disaster.

Practice self-care basics including looking good. It makes you feel your best. Show the world all you have overcome and how you are proud of your fresh start. You have been given a second chance. Show how you have become the best you with the Phoenix Collection from Beautiful Disaster. #selfcarebasics #rebelstyle #overcomer #sruvivor #soberlife #badassbabe #bdrocks #affiliate #improveyourself #bestyou #besetlife

15. Find your passion, your purpose, your reason for wanting more.

16. Become completely self-aware.

>Know what triggers you, what sets you off, what lights your fire, what you do to cope, your strengths, your weaknesses. You know yourself better than anyone else. Make sure of it.

17. Don’t settle for less than you deserve.

18. Learn from your mistakes.

19. Eliminate all negativity from your life.

>This includes people, going certain places, or getting rid of things that remind you of stuff not so good.

20. Do something you’ve always wanted to do.

21. Get your priorities straight.

>Bonus: If starting from rock bottom, click here to get the Hot Mess’s Guide To GYST is the workbook +course you need.

22. Read a book. or lots of books.

23. Tell someone how much their support means to you.

24. Start writing daily.

>Bonus: Writing is a form of self-therapy and you can learn a lot about yourself. Get Unjunkiefied’s popular addiction recovery journal, Get Your Shine On.

26. Once every month or two, take a class or course.

27. Make sure you practice basic self-care.

>Read: Simple Every Day Basic Self-Care

28. Make a playlist

>The right music sets the mood and will get you ready to take on the day.

29. A change of scenery will do you good.

>While you can’t just pick up and move, even though I recommend it when trying to start completely over. Rearranging your home, moving in with a relative, paint your walls, etc.

30. Make A Life Plan, A Sober Life Plan

Want help to create a sober life plan. Get on the waiting list for the sober life plan that is going to rock your recovery. (in a good way)

Sign up for Unjunkiefied's free resource library. From tips to help you exercise in early recovery to printable quotes for a vision board. Get what you need to create a new life after addiction recovery. #addictionrecovery #selfimprovement #changeyourlife

Do Not Overwhelm Yourself

While these tips seem like easy, simple little things to do, don’t overdo it. If you try to do check out this entire list in a week, it’s going to be too much.

Take it slow and take one thing at a time. These are practical adjustments that can make a world of a difference. Once you put one tip into effect and keep doing it consistently, you will see the immense difference it is making in your life.

Get Ready To Live + Love A Life of Sober Badassery

And trust me, once you have your entire sober life plan in place, you are going to have a life that you never thought was possible after being an addict.

Get pumped up, it’s going to be so damn exciting. I have been working night and day,

Need More Tips To Create A New Life? Take a look at these.

  1. Check out The Designing Your Life Workbook. It is an amazing workbook to design the life you want, minus being sober.
  2. If you are a journal lover, Design The Life You Love is an interactive journal used to help you design a meaningful future.

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  1. Vinnie Chacon says

    I am a recovering addict that now works as a Peer Recovery Coach and I am so happy that I came across your website as I get to share it with a lot of women in recovery and those that are struggling. Thank you so much for helping others. In early recovery it is hard to make so many changes but the initial important ones are people, places, & things.

    • Natasha says

      Vinnie, thanks for taking the time to comment. Plus, congrats on your own recovery and i love how you are working with others turning your mess into a message. I would love to chat with you about your work as a Peer Recovery Coach so, please don’t hesitate to email me if you can.

      Not to mention, in time for 2019 (Fingers crossed it will be done, it’s deep lol) the new Unjunkiefied product will be perfect to share with women in recovery. It hits everything that a person in recovery needs to cover to create the sober life they truly want. So, make sure you check in on that. Thx again.

    • Natasha says

      Well congrats on your sobriety. If you need anything, any advice, just someone to talk to, or a type of product to help you out. Don’t hesitate to contact me. Happy Holidays

    • Natasha says

      Exactly! My fiance and I were just talking about how everyone takes the same steps in life no matter what they are struggling with. We all got to focus on the same areas in our life even though we handle them differently. lmao What I’m trying to say is not coming out right lol.. I’ll write a post about it 🙂

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