30 Simple Yet Effective Ways To Be Fit + Get Healthy in Recovery

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Getting physically fit and making the choice to get healthy in recovery is one of the best things that you could do.

You spent your addiction beating the crap out of yourself. Drinking and using drugs destroys your physical health. I’m pretty sure you know that.

Get Your Ass Outside

There are tons of ways to exercise, be fit, and get healthy in recovery.

One of the best things you can do for your physical health is to exercise outside. Whether you are jogging, cycling, swimming, gardening or whatever it is you want to do.

Any type of activity outdoors is a spirit-lifting activity that helps you reconnect with your natural environment.

Or how about the fact that your pale ass probably needs a little sunshine?

Sunlight is good all around. It benefits your body, your mind, and your emotional health.  Trust me, going outside to stay active is extremely beneficial when wanting to get healthy in recovery. Extremely.

Safety First

If you think that this doesn’t apply to you then, you need to know a few things.

I know, it’s just exercise. Right? It’s not like you are going to war. Yet, you can still get hurt quite easy by doing simple exercises. Especially when you are not used to it. Not to mention, it can happen in a split second.

The last thing you need when trying to get healthy in recovery is to be bedridden or even worse, hospitalized.

How foolish would you feel then? You overcame the biggest battle of your life, your drug addiction only to be put down by a jog through the park?

Sounds silly, doesn’t it?

So before I get to all the different things you can do to get healthy in recovery, let’s go over how to stay safe when getting fit, outside or indoors.

Serious injuries

I highly doubt that you are going to begin your fitness journey by running marathons or even sprints. Hell, I couldn’t run a half a mile when I first began to exercise. Start small and build your endurance, strength and time spent exercising.

You can get seriously hurt rather quickly if you try to do too much. Point blank, you were an addict. Obviously not caring too damn much about your overall health. So take it easy and know what you are doing.

Even a simple jog on an uneven surface can result in a nasty trip, fall, sprain, or something worse. I mean, accidents happen.

What if you do get hurt and can’t walk? Or your phone is not in service? Have someone who knows where you are or even goes with you. It’s critical to plan your route carefully and safely.

If you really want to do this the right way. This simple reflective gear can keep you safe. Without making you look corny as hell.

Cars and traffic

Did you know that over 120,000 joggers are hit by cars every year, and around 48,000 cyclists suffered injury from accidents with cars?

The last thing you want in your kick-ass sober life is to need the services of the life flight helicopter and a brain injury attorney.

So if you choose to walk, run, jog, cycle, or do anything other physical activity near a roadway, take precautions. Such as making sure to wear bright, colorful and reflective clothing, a cycling helmet if you’re on a bike, and be aware of your surroundings at all times.


You are never far from a tap or bottle of water when you work out at home or in a gym.  So take advantage of that. I know drinking water probably sounds like a no-brainer but, you’d be surprised.

If you are going outside, to a park, on a hike, or even to a gym – carry a water bottle with you.

Not staying hydrated will definitely take its toll on your body. Make sure you bring plenty of water with you, no matter where you go.

If you are going hiking or camping, try using something like a hydration backpack. Seriously, click the link and check it out. It’s pretty cool.

Here are a few water bottles that I personally love.

Extreme weather

You may think I’m crazy and maybe I am. But I absolutely LOVE running outdoors in the early morning. There’s a chill in the air, the sun is just coming up, and it’s fucking refreshing. I even like doing so in the winter.

Of course, it’s a mixture between running and walking, I’m in the beginning phases of being a non-smoker so, I’m still adjusting.

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The point is you have to dress accordingly when it’s cold outside and you are exercising to get healthy in recovery.

If you keep moving, your body will heat up quickly. This may cause you to start ripping off extra clothing. Don’t remove your hat or gloves because it’s those extremities that will fall victim to frostbite.

Seriously, use common sense. You are creating a dream life of sober badassery. You don’t want to be doing it while missing a few fingers?  Amiright?

Alright, enough with the safety stuff.

Let’s get to it and discuss simple yet effective ways to get healthy in recovery.

If you don’t have time to look over it now. Pin it below to read later.

30 Simple Ways To Get Healthy In Recovery

1.Drink water.

2. Start walking outside.

3. Get a gym membership and use it.

4. Cut out the sugar.

5. Lay off the processed foods.

6. If you smoke, QUIT!

7. Self-defense classes

8. Get a punching bag and beat the shit outta it.

9. Eat plenty of greens.

10. Spend more time moving than sitting down.

11. Go play at the park like a kid or take your kids to the park.

12. Go for a walk or jog each morning and watch the sunrise.

13. Strength training.

14. Get a dog and stay active with your dog.

15. Spend time dancing.

16. Yoga classes.

17. Each evening, take a 30-minute walk after dinner.

18. Team sports.

19. See a nutritionist.

20. As mentioned, get OUTSIDE.

21. Go on Netflix and pick a workout video to do twice each week.

22. Nature Hike. Take a friend or more and go for the day.

23. Camping. As long as you don’t sleep in the tent the entire stay.

24. Begin meditating. Being at peace will have positive effects on your physical health.

25. Be sure to get a yearly checkup so you know what’s going on with your body.

26. Rest. Your body needs enough rest to thrive. Just don’t overdo it.

27. Take vitamins that you may be lacking.

28. Limit your caffeine intake.

29. Take care of your mental health or your physical health will suffer.

30. Don’t do drugs.  Who woulda thought?

These are simple yet effective ways to be fit and get healthy in sobriety.

There are hundreds more but, this will get you going.

Before I forget, I want to mention the Body Boss Home Gym. I know a few people who have it or something similar and they all say it is the perfect alternative for moms or busy women who don’t have time or money for a gym membership. It’s definitely worth checking out.

The Bottom Line

Recovery is about so much more than getting clean. You have a lot of work to do to become whole again. Making the choice to improve your physical health is a great way to start.

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