30 Ideas To Have The Best Sober Valentine’s Day Ever

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In addiction recovery, every day is a sober day. Even sober holidays. Here are 30 ways to have the best sober valentine's day ever. No matter what your situation

How are you going to spend your sober Valentine’s Day?

As a recovering addict, drinking is out of the question. That means no romantic date night with champagne or a glass of wine with dinner. Or spending the night alone with a bottle of whiskey listening to depressing love songs.

Sounds like such fun, doesn’t it?

Why does celebrating equal drinking?

Have you ever thought about that? I think about it all the time now that I’m sober.

Why do people feel the need to get totally wasted or catch a buzz to celebrate a special occasion? Weddings, graduations, engagements, birthdays, parties, and of course, Valentine’s day?

Shouldn’t we want to celebrate a special occasion with a clear mind and absolute focus? Why ruin it with dizziness, slurred speech, and maybe some vomiting?

If you think about it like that, it doesn’t sound so romantic or memorable, does it?

A Sober Valentine’s Day

Thank goodness for our sobriety so, this Valentine’s day can be one to remember.

Just because your Valentine’s Day doesn’t include drugs or alcohol doesn’t mean it won’t be fun, romantic, or worthwhile.

If you need a few ideas on how to celebrate your sober Valentine’s Day then I got you covered.

It doesn’t matter if you are in a committed relationship, on a blind date, single, partying it up with friends, or spending the night alone. There are more than a few ways to celebrate the day of love.

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30 Sober Valentine’s Day Ideas To Celebrate The Day Of Love

There is something on this list for everyone.

Know that you can celebrate Valentine’s Day completely sober and have a blast doing it.

As a sober woman, there is no wining and dining this Valentine's Day. What is a good sober date idea? Here are 30 unique ideas for a sober valentine's day whether it's a sober date night or your single. #ValentinesDay #sober #soberdate #soberliving #soberlifestyle

  1. Have a picnic – indoor or outdoor depending on the weather
  2. Go to a museum
  3. Play in the snow
  4. Ice Skating
  5. Ski Trip or sled riding!
  6. A day at the spa
  7. Couple Massages
  8. Get inked! Any day is a good reason to get a tattoo. How about a tattoo representing your recovery?
  9. Road trip – Go exploring, if you live in the country, go to the city for a day or vice versa.
  10. Go to a fortune teller
  11. Spend the day in bed, all day (hint, hint)
  12. Volunteer at an animal shelter. Puppies and kitties! Need I say more?
  13. Spend the day baking V-day cookies. Give them out to loved ones or random people.
  14. Check in with your local homeless shelter or community center and throw a Valentine’s day party for people in need.
  15. Make some crafts. This heart-shaped 3D Heart Box is awesome!
  16. Make your own Valentine’s day cards for friends and family.
  17. Purchase boxes of simple and cute Valentine’s day cards and pass them out at your local community center or shelter. It’s a fun, sweet thing that will put a smile on someone’s face.
  18. Have a friend who needs a break or a treat? Take her kids for the night so she can get her romance on.
  19. Host a V-day dinner party complete with mocktails. Here are 5 pink mocktails to try.
  20. Crushing on someone? Send roses or a V-day gift from a “secret admirer”.
  21. Perfect time to have an all-girls sleepover and binge watch love stories.
  22. Have a male/female party and play spin the bottle and 7 minutes in heaven.
  23. Take a nighttime drive, park, and look at the stars.
  24. Go to a drive-in movie. Do you know those still exist?
  25. Flying solo? A night of self-love is what you need. Can you say bubble bath and ice cream?
  26. Dance off. You don’t have to be drunk to get down and have some damn fun.
  27. Spice up your love life. You and your significant other can role play a steamy scene from your favorite movie.
  28. Share the love this Valentine’s Day. You and your kids can bake some heart shaped treats and make crafts. Then, you all can head on over to the local nursing home or Children’s hospital and pass them out. (Be sure to call ahead of time and see what you are allowed to do. You can’t simply show up.)
  29. It’s the perfect day to adopt a pet.
  30. Adventurous? Make your own V-day scavenger hunt. You can make it according to who is involved – kids, friends, or an intimate partner? This can be a lot of fun.

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Know + Avoid Your Triggers

Now that you have a few ideas on how to spend your sober Valentine’s Day, I want you to keep one thing in mind.

Avoid situations that make you uncomfortable in your sobriety.

For example, if you go out for a fancy dinner and are tempted to order a glass of wine or cocktail then, don’t do it.

Instead, go to breakfast or brunch. That way, your waiter won’t even offer a glass of wine to wash down your scrambled eggs and bacon.

Or if you are country bound and exploring the city, don’t go in the area that you used to cop in.

You get what I’m saying? It’s like any other day. Avoid putting yourself in situations that will trigger you.

Relapse Potential

People tend to let their guard down on holidays or special occasions.

No matter how many years you may have sober, there’s just something about special days that can lead you to think it won’t hurt to have just one sip or smoke one joint.

You don’t want to throw away your clean time.

Trust me when I say, spending holidays and special occasions sober is the best way to go.

I had no idea what to do for Valentine's day as a single woman in addiction recovery. Then I found this list of ideas for a sober Valentine's day and it was the best Valentine's Day I ever had. Check it out now. #sober #ValentinesDay #loveandrecovery #soberliving #soberlifestyle

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