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3 Ways Rehab Can Jeopardize Your Recovery

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Getting sober is one of the hardest things to do. Rehabs are meant to help you through that difficult time. Yet, here are 3 possible ways to jeopardize your recovery in rehab. Don't let it happen to you.

If you’re entering a rehab facility, the chances are that you’re at a personal low. To get to this point, your addictions have escalated way beyond your control. You might have done terrible things.

And, let’s be honest; it doesn’t feel great to admit that you’ve lost control of your life. Does it?


All that aside, this is a significant and first step towards recovery. Although it may feel like you are totally losing control, this is actually a way for you to regain control of your life. Turning up here means you’ve had enough.

You aren’t willing to let your addictions control you anymore. That’s huge!

For the most part, stays in facilities like these are all about detoxing and being able to deal with the messy part of your recovery in a safe and structured environment. That means the support staff is there to help you. Both the technical staff and the medical staff.


Sadly, even places like these will have their bad apples. Despite the powerful gravity of signing yourself in, you may feel defeated at this point. In some instances, there will be staff around who take advantage of that which means they could possibly jeopardize your recovery in rehab.

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3 Ways Rehab Can Jeopardize Your Recovery

No matter how low you feel, or what you’ve done before this point, that’s not something you should put up with. Hence why we’re going to look at a few sure signs that rehab staff hasn’t got your best interests at heart.

When taking the first step to turn your life around, you do NOT want rehab to jeopardize your recovery. Do you?


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Unnecessary Roughness

As we’ve already mentioned, people are rarely in a good way when they enter a rehab facility.

Sometimes clients act a damn fool. There will be times when staff members have to get physical to impose restraints. This is both for their good, and that of the patient.

But, if the staff is getting physical with you for no real reason, it’s a sure sign something isn’t right. The moment a member of staff lays an unprovoked hand on you, you should call them out on it. If they cause an injury, you would be well within your rights to take things further.

An injury lawyer can help you in cases like these. Taking action also ensures no other addicts have to deal with treatment like this.

Mental bashing


Recovery involves a lot of difficult realizations. Sometimes, sessions with staff will get real. You’ll need to hold yourself accountable for some things you may rather forget.

Here are two great books for addicts or alcoholic new to recovery. Here are tons of awesome early recovery books in both paperback and Kindle on Amazon. 

Ultimately, though, you’re here to prove to yourself that you deserve another chance. While you may need to be harsh to yourself at times, the staff should never do the same.

If a member of staff bashes you for mistakes you’ve made or makes you feel bad, they aren’t doing their jobs. Again, taking this over their heads could see them taken off your case and held accountable for their actions. The staff is supposed to lift you up, support you, and yes be honest but, not an ass about it.


Forcing your to leave before you’re ready

In some cases, patients are also forced to leave facilities before they’re ready. Up to some extent, the staff does need to encourage you back out to the world. But, you’ll know in your heart whether you’re ready or not.

If you feel staff are pushing you well before your time, ask to speak to someone higher up. Explain your feelings, and stand your ground.

I know that many times your insurance decides how long you stay but you would be surprised at what kind of funding a rehab can get. If you are homeless or really want to stay and get more help then, talk to someone.

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Don’t Let Anything Jeopardize Your Recovery In Rehab

These things can happen but, that doesn’t mean they will. You can’t let anything jeopardize your recovery in rehab.

If you are willing to take that initial step to get better then why let someone else hinder your progress?

Bottom line, don’t let ANYONE fuck up the opportunity for you to change your life for the better.

One thing I want to tell you is this.

If you go to rehab, don’t leave, don’t have a rehab romance, and don’t YOU jeopardize your recovery in rehab. I don’t care if you are court ordered or doing it to please a loved one. This is a chance for you to fix your life. Why the hell wouldn’t you take it and run with it?

Think about that.

Do me a favor and pin this post to help someone struggling with addiction.

Sobriety is tough, especially early recovery. Don't jeopardize your recovery in rehab and kill your chances at a happy, sober life. Continue reading to discover how rehab can jeopardize your recovery so that you can make the most out of getting clean. #inpatientrehab #rehabs #substanceabuse #recoveringaddict #soberlife #addictionrecovery #detox #freshstart

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