3 Essential Self-Care Tips For Sobriety

Self-care is essential to having a fulfilling, productive life. Especially when you are sober.

If you are sober and have yet for things to fall into place then keep reading.

Here are a few self-care tips for sobriety that are absolutely essential to having the life you want. Because lets be honest, maintaining sobriety is difficult. There’s no real cure, and every day is a struggle to do the right thing and stay on track. 

Self- Care In Your Sober Lifestyle

With that, here are a few kickass things you can do to take care of yourself. Along with why you should think about doing it.

So that you can begin making better, healthier decisions for coping with the daily, and prevent the feeling that you need to reach for a harmful coping mechanism. 

Try New Things

Circulating at the same old bars, with the same old unsupportive people, will never make your life easier. A cull might be needed to cut some of the crap out of your life so you can begin living a better one.

To fill the void of empty free time, try new things. There’s a whole world of new stuff to get inspired, intrigued, entertained, and distracted by. Skateboarding, cbd products, DIY, crochet, ASMR, new video games, a business venture you’ve always thought about starting.

There are hardly any limits to what you can try and do.

Steady Routine

Not knowing what you’re going to do from one minute to the next can leave a few big problems on your plate.

One is there’s room for boredom, and two is negative thinking is likely to strike. Neither are useful when you’re committed to sobriety.

As such, creating a steady routine from morning to night is essential to take better care of yourself and help you resist the urge to drink or take drugs.

If you don’t have a job, find a steady gig that can add some structure to your day. The extra cash will be great to help you enjoy the first bit of advice above. 

If work is difficult to come by right now, a volunteer role can help you get out there, bump up your skills, fill-up your confidence and your time.

You Time

Think about what makes you feel good, no, great! And do more of that as part of your self-care regime. Whether meditating to help ease you off into sleep.

Yoga, to release tension. Or running, for those-feel good endorphins. 

Keep in mind, these are just suggestions, and you shouldn’t force anything into your self-care routine that doesn’t work for you.

Your time is about doing stuff you love that makes you feel balanced and happy. Chasing positive self-care rituals that help you achieve that. 

sober woman engaging in me time doing essential self-care tips for sobriety

Necessary Self-Care Tips For Sobriety

In summary, being honest with yourself about triggers that stop you from staying sober is essential for you to cut out the things that no longer do you any good. Whether it’s the people you hang around with or your job is constantly stressing you out.

If you’ve tried to fix it, but it doesn’t work, put your effort into finding what does – be it a new job or friends. 

Beyond that, finding new, better things to do with your time and energy is essential to help you stay on track. Such as getting a job to spending more time on self-care.

There’s plenty you can try. It’s just about spending time to see what works for you.

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