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10 Addiction Recovery Songs You Need To Add to Your Playlist Right Now

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To put Unjunkiefied up there as one of the most kick-ass sober living blogs, I need to add a list of the best damn recovery songs ever.

In my opinion, music is essential to addiction recovery. It’s one of the best coping skills there is.

I poured over hundreds of songs and I kept seeing the same songs over and over. So I chose the ones that I felt were the very best.

Not all of them have to do with living a sober life but they all sure as hell remind me why I love my sober life.

Let me shut up and we will dive into the good stuff.

Top 10 Recovery Songs For Extreme Sober Motivation

FYI – The songs on this list are in no particular order of greatness.

Before you start devouring this list, take a second to pin the image below. I would really appreciate it.

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1. Sober by Pink

I don’t think that I really need to explain why Sober is on the list of the best sober songs.

Not to mention, I am not a pop music kinda gal but have a total girl crush on Pink. She is badass.

Another song by Pink that I think will resonate with a lot of recovering addicts, including myself is Fucking Perfect.

2. Ball and Chain by Social Distortion

This is a classic. It needs no introduction, no explanation. If you don’t know this song or you don’t Just Just LEAVE. Take away this ball and chain…

FYI – Ever since reading the addiction recovery memoir, Prayers, Punk Rock, and Pastry, this song will forever remind me of the author, Chris Stewart. Check it out, it’s a great read.

3. A Team by Ed Sheeran

Now this song has to do with getting high and not the recovery aspect that I was hoping for. Yet this song hurts me. It seriously hurts because it reminds of where I used to be and where I never want to be again.

And how I hurt for the women that are still there.

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4. Starting Over by Macklemore

Macklemore is extremely public about addiction, recovery, and ofcourse, this song deals with relapse and getting right back down to recovery.

Don’t let it get worse.

5. SkyScraper – Demi Lovato

The world knows of Demi Lovato’s addiction and recovery. This song captures being able to rise after battling your addictions.

If you like this kind of music, this song is extremely inspirational. It has touched the hearts of many and helped them through tough times.

And if it’s obvious that I never have listened to Skyscraper before. Her song, Warrior is intense and

6. Hate Me by Blue October

Justin Furstenfeld is a recovering addict and the lead singer of the band, Blue October. I’m sure you have heard his song, Hate Me before. Someone who get’s real and as former addicts, we need that.

7. Home by Blue October

Another one of those songs that hits you hard. What Justin says does hit home.

Personally, it makes me think of how grateful am for what I have in recovery. Especially, my family.

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8. Hurt By Johny Cash

We can’t change the past, the pain we caused, or the way things turned out.

With all of that being said, we can start making a difference and living better from this moment on. Just think about it.

9.Going Through Changes – Eminem

I will say nothing about this but, Eminem is phenomenal, hands down.

This is a song that can get you in the mindset necessasry to change your life for the better.

10. Praying by Kesha

I know that this song isn’t meant to be an addiction recovery song. Yet, it means something to me because a lot of shit happens in addiction or in life that leads you to your addiction.

Use Recovery Songs To Stay Sober

Music has a huge effect on people. Certain songs, the melody, the lyrics – provoke emotions in you. From feelings of love and sadness to a memory of a certain place or person.

When you hear a song that hits a pain point, reminding you of a bad time or a good time, use it as motivation to stay sober and to continue on the straight and narrow path you are currently on.

And of course, you have those upbeat songs that get you pumped up to take on the world.

These are all recovery songs that can be used as healthy coping skills for sobriety. If you don’t have a recovery playlist, I highly suggest you get your ass to work and make one right now.

P.S. Leave a comment below and let me know what song motivates you to stay sober. You can share the image below on Pinterest or simply share the post using the social media buttons. Either way, I am super appreciative.

Keep up the #soberbadassery.

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    • I am going to be making another list and I will be sure to include it. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I have no clue what song this even is. I’m thinking it may be one of those songs that you don’t know the name to yet, you have heard a hundred times or two. Thanks for the input.

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